Picked Sound: PREMIERE: Nōpi – The Forest (Original Mix) [Nie Wieder Schlafen]

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RELEASE DATE 2019-06-17 >>http://bit.ly/2F9V72G

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Release info:

“Nōpi is a newborn producer project from Ukrania. Established in early 2019, Nōpi was able to score releases on significant labels and his continuous flow of giveaways has quickly gained him some recognition. We are happy to help the young talent on his rise to the top and showcase 2 groovy, melodic house tracks, supported by our dreamy family-members Yoni Yarchi and Daniel van der Zwaag.

Daynight is able to deliver a bouncy and energetic baseline groove, further enforced with tight shakers and warm percussions. Gentle piano chords and soothing vocals are layered upon the bases and build a coherent atmosphere, that is characterized by subtle textures and smartly placed pad-sweeps.

With peculiar tension, main title track “The Forest” opens up its intro. A collaborating space of fieldrecordings set the mood of this song, while patient piano melodies and a warm, low-end bassline push the production forward. Subtle chants and an array of pads, create a haunting atmosphere – An adventure of mystical soundscapes, that is reshaped by our NWS-dreamers Yoni Yarchi and Daniel van der Zwaag.

Yoni’s remix immediately takes a brighter and life-affirming turn, by implementing an uprising & warm bassline, energetic percussions and a flourishing synth, that is playful and charming. Elevating pads and charismatic textures, give Yoni’s take and innocent feel in the most positive way.

A beafy low-end and hypnotic rhythmics are the foundation of Daniel van der Zwaag’s deeper approach. The symbiosis of the lonely piano with wide and open soundscapes, create the atmosphere of a lonely walk in the woods. The complementing layers of a pushing groove and an intimate top create an interesting feel, that keeps up the mystery of the original, fortifies it and reflects the story of a forsaken place.

Written by Nōpi
Remixes by Yoni Yarchi and Daniel van der Zwaag
Cover Art by Giulia Gallizzi
Mastered by Robert Trifunović
Artists and Repertoire by trustless”

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Picked Sound: Arilu – Birth Of A Starchild (Landhouse Remix)

This EP is dedicated to the awakening of humanity and the remembrance of it’s true origin as infinite, timeless cosmic beings with an indestructable core that have the power to create their own reality. According to the legends of Lemuria humans were once highly spiritually evolved beings that lived in harmony and peace with nature and each other. Lemuria was representative of great abundance, joy and wisdom and some people believe we still carry the memories of this ancient lifetime in our DNA and can access them in dreams and through meditation. Inspired by the legends of Lemuria and theirconnection to the current process of transformation and shifting that is happening on the planet right now Arilu has created a hypnotic and deep meditative journey that transcends time and space. Beautiful dreamy synth-pads, lush and spacy ambient soundscapes encompassed by warm harmonies and sweet melodies create an almost extraterrestrial feel and invite the listener to go on a magical inward journey to expand the awareness and delve into the connection with the higher self.

In addition to the 3 original tracks we invited Mente Orgánica and Landhouse – who are both part of the NUMA-Family since the very beginning – to rework their favourite track.
released June 17, 2019

Cover-Art by: Arilu
Cover by: PACAYA www.elpacaya.com
Mastered by Tilmann Eimicke (TE.BS Audio)

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Picked Sound: Pandhora @ Kleingarten Istanbul | Hybrid Set W/ Guitar & Keyboard [24.05.19]

🎶 Join us on Spotify: tinyurl.com/PandhoraSpotify
🚀 More Lives & Music on Youtube: bit.ly/2SAPEqG
🎈Follow our adventures on Facebook > http://bit.ly/2EKXaLp

Hello friends!
We started the summer season on the beautiful rooftop of Kleingarten, Istanbul. It was the grand opening of the year so it was very crowded and super fun to play!
This was our first hybrid set in a loooong time (since 2016 actually) and a challenging experience but in the end it was a rewarding one. We’re grateful for everyone who got in the mood with us, danced, and shared joy!
Many thanks to the original artists who inspired us to play guitar, synths and various samples on top of their wonderful craft.
And of course thanks to the Klein and Kleingarten teams who made this happen in the best possible way!
Much Love <3
Rémi & Amine

Sahar Z – Orenda (Original Mix)
MIICHII – Hables (Original Mix)
Nukreative – Equanimity (Original Mix)
Fulltone – Realm Of Reality (Original Mix)
Bross (Ro) – Miraviglia (Adrien RO Remix)
Sarkis Mikael – Jungle Book (Original Mix)
Jelly For The Babies – Faded Memories (Davi Remix)
Microtrauma – Filamenta (Original Mix)
Nicolas Rada – Schiphol (Hot TuneiK Remix)
Gab Rhome, Kora – Toboggan (Original Mix)
Madonna – Frozen (Hvitling Remix)
Deniz Kabu & Wolfson – Let It Go (Original Mix)
Forniva – Cordoba (Original Mix)
Ras Algethi – Stay Here (Original Mix)
Underher – Inside (Claw SG Remix)
Sahar Z, Audio Junkies – Lalitha (Original Mix)
Hicky & Kalo – Astre (Soul Button Remix)
Teom – Khio (Original Mix)

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DJ-Set: Pophop – Set of the Day Podcast


His treasure chests filled with black gold and glistening silver, capturing a vast collection of acoustic tales… Being a buccaneer, Pophop is right in his element when cruising through the sound waves of that endless ocean named music, always in search of new melodies. The haul he brings to his home port -the artist collective 3000Grad from Germany- afterwards, is an eclectic mixture of East European folklore, dubby grooves, tropical happiness, and multicoloured electronic sound pearls. Using these precious treasures, the bearded vagabond lures the dance floor out of the grey mist of everyday life, takes his listeners on an exciting adventure trip full of daring love for life.

Pop Hop @ Soundcloud

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DJ-Set: Tober&Tober presents Afterhour Sounds Podcast Nr.102

what they say:

“Tober & Tober ( Alle Tanzen // Hannover ) presents Afterhour Sounds Podcast Nr.102

Blut ist bekanntlich dicker als Wasser und Familie ist ein Bund fürs Leben. Dass dies nicht nur leere Phrasen sind leben und lieben Simon und Marvin so leidenschaftlich vor wie es nur sein kann. So verwundert es auch nicht, dass das gemeinschaftliche Erlebnis für die beiden einen hohen Stellenwert besitzt.

Seit nun etwas mehr als 5 Jahren stehen die beiden gebürtigen Hildesheimer Jungs Seite an Seite – sowohl vor als auch hinter den Decks und frönen ihrer gemeinsamen Liebe – die elektronische Musik. Etwa zur gleichen Zeit riefen sie auch ihre eigene Partyreihe namens ‘Alle Tanzen’ ins Leben, welche sich in den zurückliegenden Jahren zu einer absoluten Erfolgsgeschichte entwickelt hat. Gemeinsam mit ihren Freunden von Nackt auf Tahiti und Into the Woods Germany haben sie in der Kulturfabrik Löseke Hildesheim ein Zuhause gefunden, welches sie seither unzählige Male mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail verzaubert und so zu einer absoluten Top-Adresse in Mitteldeutschlands Clubkultur gemacht haben.

Als DJ; Produzenten brennen Simon und Marvin ebenso leidenschaftlich für ihre Sache und so verwundert es auch nicht dass auch ihr musikalisches Schaffen von einer unbändigen Qualität geprägt ist. Dabei ergänzen sich die Jungs wirklich wie Yin und Yang und das hört und fühlt man bei ihrem Sound auf ganz besondere Weise. Ihr Podcast für unsere Reihe macht da keine Ausnahme – ein Set mit dem Prädikat ‘Weltklasse’ und nein da übertreiben wir ganz sicher nicht, aber davon könnt ihr euch gern selbst überzeugen. ”

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Melodule & Van Did – Téou

Chapter 24 returns with seven stories in sound collected from artists across the world to bring these themes to life.

NHAR (My Favorite Robot, Correspondant) is a consummate storyteller, and he opens the book with the glistening space tech of ‘Navigli’. This is quickly followed up by newcomer Dan Grassler, whose superb ‘Going Back’ with US vocalist KnowKontrol is powerfully brooding and promises great things for the Munich-based producer.

The momentum picks up further with the standout ‘Over My Head’, a dark and delicious cut from two returning Chapter 24 artists, Alex Zed and Billie Fountain.

The label welcomes Teho and Machino for their inaugural releases on the imprint. Frenchman Teho (Herzblut, Parquet) serves up a double helping of delight with the skilfully crafted ‘Back To The Forest’ and the tense tech house of ‘Drunken Leads’. Meanwhile, Machino (Desert Hearts), one of a new wave of Tijuana-based producers, showcases his unique blend of potent techno and ambient influences on ‘Perdidos’.

Finally, Melodule and Van Did bring the tales to a close with ‘Téou 12’, a dreamy, abstract piece that showcases wonky basslines, drifting pads and engaging sound design.

They say that there are only seven basic plots but a thousand different stories.

And so, as the storyteller utters that age old, magical phrase “Once upon a time…”, let yourself be carried away…

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