333 Sessions 036 – Carina Lawrence

It’s not about the destination, but rather the journey…and this mix encapsulates that.

A 3 hour, 33 minute and 33 second journey of tracks that resonate with me on a deeper level. I thoroughly enjoy traversing different genres to create magical moments and a special energy to help tell a story with my music. This mix will allow you to venture through a variety of styles and sounds from a selection of my favourite international and local artists across the deep house, melodic techno and tribal spectrum.

I don’t often get the opportunity to create these extended experiences at clubs to really express myself, so when Flow Music called, I had to say yes.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me xx
Cover Art Jai PIccone

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Super Flu – Re Nue [Monaberry]

Monaberry #72
Super Flu – Go Re Nue EP

◆ Facebook: facebook.com/superflumusic/
◆ Soundcloud: https://ift.tt/MNaLDP

◆ Soundcloud: https://ift.tt/2wtBbT6
◆ Facebook: https://ift.tt/2tS2Egx

D/ Super Flu sind ehemalige Revolverhelden, die der Musik verfallen sind. Durch Zufall bekommen Sie die Chance, Johannes Albert zu einem Duell herauszufordern. Doch Johannes hat seine treffsichere 303 dabei. Der mysteriöse Händler Monaberry verkauft allen ein Elixier, welches ihnen Treffsicherheit und Top 10 Chartplatzierungen garantiert. Beim Duell bemerken alle 3 sehr schnell, dass jeder das selbe Elixier genommen hat. Sie einigen sich auf eine gemeinsame EP und sind glücklich über diese Tatsache, da ein gewonnenes Duell dazu führt, dass man mit dieser EP niemals den falschen Weg einschlagen kann.

E/ Super Flu are former gunslingers who are addicted to music. Randomly they get the chance to challenge Johannes Albert to a duel. But Johannes has his unerring 303 with him. The mysterious dealer Monaberry sells them all an elixir, which guarantees them accuracy and top 10 chart positions. During the duel, all 3 quickly realize that everyone has taken the same elixir. They agree on a common EP and are happy about this fact, because a won duel leads to the fact that one can never go the wrong way with this EP.

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September Mix – 2021

1. Pra Jescu – Dincolo de Granita
2. So Inagawa – No MoreThrills(Dyed Soundorom-Morning Mix)
3. Baba Ali – Cog In The Weel (ANOTR edit)
4. JT Donaldson & South West Mels – Pockets(JT Donaldson Remix)
5. Jesse Bru Yellow – Sunshine Machine (Original Mix)
6. Vic Yamamoto – Whats Bugging You
7. Coeo -Like It Is
8. The Frenchies – Feel For You
9. Angie – Daniel Steinberg Mix
10. Charlie Sputnik, Paskal – Ooh(DJ Sneak Dub)
11. Groove Box – Latin Ritual (Louie’s Dance Ritual Mix)
12. St Germain -Rose Rouge (Nightmares On Wax ReRub)
13. Scan 7 – Here To There
14. So Inagawa – 1.168
15. Itamar Sagi – New Order
16 .Daniel Steinberg – I Saw You
17. Kurtis Blow – The Breaks (Timerider Remix)
18. Daniel Steinberg – The Quest
19. Double Dee – Found Love feat. Dany (David Penn Remix Dub)
20. Ki Creghon – DiscoTech
21. Freiboitar & Bas Roos – Swingin’
22. Serge Funk – Do It Again
23. Mario Dubbz & Allen Craig – My Nature (Hotmood Remix)

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Ambiance II (clips)

Forthcoming on ‘African Acid Is The Future’


Out August 2nd !!

‘Ambiance II’

2xLP (12”) / Digital (Wav/Mp3)

01/A1 Les Filles de Illighadad – Tende I
02/A2 Les Filles de Illighadad – Tende II
03/B1 Edmony Krater – Gwadloup
04/B2 Edmony Krater – Lagé
05/C1 Les Filles de Illighadad – Tende II (Dauwd & Maryisonacid mix)
06/C2 Edmony Krater – Gwadloup (Dauwd remix)
07/C3 Edmony Krater – Lagé (AAITF outerlude)
08/D1 Edmony Krater – Gwadloup (DJ Oil remix)

Cult Berlin club night and label African Acid is the Future returns with the second release in their Ambiance trilogy that takes listeners into the unique spirit of the club night. This time, they offer a series of recordings from the party itself, all taken live in the heat of the party in May 2018. Featuring two tracks from Les Filles de Illighadad and two from Edmony Krater and remixes by AAITF residents Dauwd and Maryisonacid, as well as DJ Oil.
Les Filles de Illighadad come from a secluded commune in central Niger, far off in the scrubland deserts at the edge of the Sahara. Best known for their guitar performances, this recording from AAITF finds them at their percussive best on the simply titled “Tende I” and “Tende II”
Tende takes its name from a drum built from a goat skin stretched across a mortar and pestle. Like its environs, tende music is a testament to wealth in simplicity, with sparse compositions built from a few elements: vocals, handclaps, and percussion. Songs speak of the village, of love, and of praise for ancestors. It’s a music form dominated by women. Collective and communal, tende is tradition for all the young girls of the nomad camps, played during celebrations and to pass the time during the late nights of the rainy season.
Edmony Krater is an avant-garde percussionist, singer and trumpet player, as well as a native of Guadeloupe. For his performance, Krater performs a duo of tracks separated by three decades, but united by Carribean rhythms. “Gwadloup” was originally released in 1988 as part of the album “Edmony Krater Et Zepiss – Tijan Pou Velo,” while “Lagé” is taken from 2018’s album “Edmony Krater – An ka sonjé”
Dauwd and Maryisonacid turn in their first ever collaborative remix, turning “Tende II” into a powerful
yet restrained groove that perfectly captures the feel of peak-time on an AAITF dancefloor, mixing a playful synthesis with traditional instruments and building bridges between genres without resorting to clichés.
Dauwd applies his gently bubbling style to Krater’s “Gwadloup,” utilising as many elements of the original as possible to construct a lounging, authentic groove that thrives on an irresistible live bassline. A special AAITF outro kisses off “Lage” before French master DJ Oil closes the record with his layered, sophisticated interpretation of “Gwadloup.”

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Tony Casanova | Zugvøgel Festival 2021

It was a great honor to play such a beautiful slot on this magical festival. ✨
Special thanks to the wild dancers in the front row and to all the others who created this beautiful vibe to the music I played.
I hope you enjoy my ride with a touch of Disco & Melodic Tech Tunes.
To all of you music lovers, have a beautiful autumn time, take care, hope to see and hear from soon! 🙂

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Sven Tasnadi – Cuckoo

Moon Harbour marks its historic 20th anniversary with a 10-track compilation of all new music. It features old friends like Marlow and Luna City Express, icons like Steve Bug and Butch and new signings like Black Circle, so it is a fine representation of the label’s famous sound.

Matthias Tanzmann founded Moon Harbour in 2000, and since then it has been at the forefront of the tech house scene. Even in the face of the major shift from vinyl to digital, a distributor going bankrupt and the coronavirus pandemic, careful A&R and Matthias’s own productions have ensured the label has remained utterly relevant. The Leipzig label has released countless EPs, LPs and compilations and hosted label showcases all over the world. It has nurtured the careers of artists like Sable Sheep and Ekkohaus and has given a vital platform to new stars like Miane, Detlef and many more.

“Evolution is a natural process and important to artists as well as to labels,” explains Matthias. “Music is always redefined and subject to trends. New generations of musicians want to create their own identities through their sound. As a label, we listen to a lot of new music and try to stay open-minded within our own aesthetic range.”

After a year of re-releasing classics from the label’s back catalogue, the 20 Years of Moon Harbour compilation is all about fresh and exclusive music. It kicks off with Andrea Oliva’s ‘Return To The Dancefloor,’ a bumping cut driven by naughty bass before raw percussive energy from ANEK and tense cosmic melody Black Circle. Butch layers up tribal grooves and exotic vocals, then Luna City Express mark the mid-point with the steamy house of ‘Mami Wata’ featuring Sunru’s soulful vocals.

Marlow throws it back with some old school piano energy on ‘Corktown,’ Matthias nails a perfectly slinky tech house groove on ‘Binford’ and Ninetoes’ ‘Polanco Hills’ ups the pace and drives forwards. Closing out is the punchy and stripped back house of Steve Bug’s ‘Going Up’ and Sven Tasnadi’s loopy and hypnotic ‘Cuckoo.’

This essential collection is further proof that Moon Harbour continues to shape the sound of contemporary European house music. Here’s to the next 20 years.

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