Picked Sound: Ayahuasca | Don Son

This week Basel’s Don Son takes you on a mind-opening journey with his spectacular cup of Ayahuasca!

Rooted in Bucharest, Romania, raised in Germany and now based in Basel, Don Son has grown under a massive musical influence since he was born.

His first appearance in the electronic scene was 2014 together with his friend Ioanis, under the alias Ioanis & Don Son. Today their duo project is named Ωpαl. Deepness, spheric atmospheres and melodic music since then is Don Son’s signature style.

Don Son’s productions have been released on imprints such as Magician on Duty, Submarine Vibes, Rebellion der Träumer as well as on his own imprint Wildfang Music.

Wildfang Music is co-managed with, guess who, Ioanis! In 2016 Don Son launched Mehrvondenteilen, a channel hosting podcasts, premieres and free downloads of likeminded artists.

Don Son’s a trough-and-through storyteller: he mesmerizes with magic and spheres, expressed through his music. And as a laboratory professional he know exactly how to mix a magic potio…! So, get comfy and enjoy this fantastic and deep journey with his Ayhuasca!

The bartenders

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Don Son


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Picked Sound: Super Flu & Cioz – Body Juice

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Get Super Flu & Cioz’ track on Crosstown Rebels here:
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Italian talent @cioz and German duo @super-flu-de join forces for the first time to deliver the impressive Jodi Bush, due to be released on @crosstownrebels this September. “Jodi Bush” is a funky love story between a polyrhythmic synth and a sexy bassline. A grand piano is the cupid. “Body Juice” is a vortex of grooves of all kind. Take some straight Four to the Floor, some Afro Beats, some Latin Percussions, a surprising Progressive Synth and whip all together.

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Picked Sound: PREMIERE: Acado – Alpaca [Monaberry]

Release Title: Alpaca
Artist: Acado
Label: Monaberry
Catalogue No.: 057
Release-Date: 06.09.2019

ACADO take you on a colorful ride on their ALPACA along the border to tangible reality, through thickly overgrown soundscapes and a lusciously dripping groove. Alpaca is taken fromHERBERST BEST 09 released on MONABERRY.

✘ Alpaca Berlin // Germany

✘ Monaberry Halle // Germany

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Picked Sound: JD Twitch @ Fusion Seebühne 2019

Attention! Treat yourself with JD Twitch’s set from Fusion Festival 2019.
We are more than happy that it finally worked out to invite him over from Glasgow. Listening to this set explains you why. But there are more reasons to it.
This guy is DJ’ing for more than 30 years. Together with JG Wilkes he was behind ‘Optimo Espacio’ which was a weekly Sunday-night club based in Glasgow’s Sub Club from 1997 until 2010. Since then they continued to tour as Optimo from one great venue to another.
Twitch co-runs (sub-)labels like Optimo Music, Optimo Trax, OM Disco Plate, OM Digital Dancefloor, Selva Discos, So Low, Autonomous Africa, Against Fascism Trax . . . . . .
This list does not claim to be complete as there is certainly much more. So do your homework and dig deep.

Hi Keith it was a pleasure. This won’t be the last time we see us for sure!


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Picked Sound: Lunar Plane – HOW I MET THE BASS #156

– Facebook: https://ift.tt/2qCmuer
– SoundCloud: @lunarplane

– Facebook: https://ift.tt/2aExamq
– Mixcloud: https://ift.tt/2grO2vi
– Spotify: spoti.fi/2KipBo7


Q: Talking about your mix, your roots: How did these tracks change your life? What do they still mean to you?

A: These are still some of our favorite tracks that have been giving us goose bumps for over 5 years. That is when Lunar Plane was born, so these tracks had a big impact on our sound.

Q: Regarding your current DJ sets, would you still mix in some of your classics?

A: Yes, we do like to play some classics from time to time. They definitely spice things up!

Q: Which exciting new LP projects are coming soon?

A: We’re currently working on around 10 original tracks, so expect to see some dance-floor killers soon.

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