Dorbachov & Fred Asquith – THE

Available on Spotify & Beatport from 05th June 2020 –

@dorbachov –
@fredasquith –

Label: @room2london on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

Mastered by JoeFarr @user-experience-label
Promo by Tailored Communication

EP/Track Support from:
Slam – @paragraph

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We Are At Home #28 by POPHOP – Drive Home

🙏 Rettet das 3000grad 🙏

Heute hab ich feines Set von meine Freund Björn aka POPHOP von der 3000grad Family für euch. Leider fällt ja auch dieses Festival dieses Jahr wegen Corona flach … aber nur zum Teil … es wird einen virtuelle Version davon geben … mehr findet ihr hier …

Elektro Uwe ist zurück … aber nur kurz und nur um euch in dieser seltsamen Zeit mit guter Musik zu versorgen … die Reihe endet, wenn die Clubs wieder aufmachen. Und bitte unterstützt eure Freiräume … sonst wird es sie nach der Krise nicht mehr geben.

POPHOP (3000grad / Acker Records / Wustrow)
SC –
FB –

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TAU016 | KID SIMIUS – Ford Granada

It’s been a year since we unveiled the first Spektrum compilation on TAU, now we’re back with the second bumper installment featuring 16 very special cuts from an array of artists, friends and family connected to TAU, all of whom embody the label’s emotive, forward-thinking ethos. Since TAU launched, it has established a strong identity focused on delivering emotion to the dance floor through compelling, often hypnotic, productions that incorporate elements of new wave, house and techno to present a distinct audio aesthetic. The Adana Twins have assembled a talented collective of artists around the label, each one bringing their own voice to the platform and elevating the energy of dance floors across the world…


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PREMIERE: Dübelu & Marcelo Cura — Acoran (Original Mix) [Sirin Music]

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Britta Arnold – Deeper Sounds & Happy Camper Records – FUNDRAISER – NET – 27.05.20


Deeper Sounds is very proud to launch its first ever Fundraiser.

We have invited a selection of some of our favourite Artists & Brands from around the globe to help us raise money for the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal.

The National Emergencies Trust (NET) launched their Coronavirus Appeal to unite the nation and help those most affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak.

They work with local distribution partners such as community foundations and local charities to ensure financial support gets to the individuals or organisations that need it most.

We have set up a donation link via Just Giving so that all funds made during this fundraiser will be sent straight to the National Emergencies Trust.

We really appreciate you taking time to listen to these mixes and if your in a position to donate no matter how big or small please help support this very worthy cause.


Enjoy the mixes!


Britta Arnold
Soundcloud: @britta-1

Happy Camper Records
Soundcloud: @happycamperrecords

Deeper Sounds
Spotify (Deeper Sounds)…RKRQShx_q5_Qnnfg
Spotify (Deeper Sounds Sunrise Sessions)…ZjTsO7IpghQPwS9w

National Emergencies Trust
Twitter: @natemergtrust
Charity Registration No. 1182809

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Aerosol – das Musical (Titelsong: “Alexander Kekulé”)

Dies ist der erste Entwurfs des Titelsongs “Alexander Kekulé” aus dem zur Zeit in Entstehung befindlichsen Musical “Aerosol – das Musical” (Arbeitstitel).

Grundidee (Auszug): Der Protagonist, der sympathische Virologe Alexander Kekulé (vgl. Simba aus “Lion King), kämpft gegen seinen bösen Widersacher Dr. Christian Drosten (vg. Scar aus “Lion King”). Das Musical wird ausschließlich von Weißen gesungen, aber in “afrikanischer” Tracht (vgl. “Lion King”). Einige Darsteller sind mit dem Corona-Virus infiziert, stehen auf der Bühne ohne Mundschutz und singen sehr nah an den Zuschauern dran. Hieraus ergibt sich ein spektakulär immersives Musicalerlebnis (vgl. “Blue Man Group”). Die Zuschauer sind TEIL des Musicals bzw. der Pandemie.

Work in Progress! COPYRIGHT JAN BÖHMERMANN (c) 2020

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Avikal & Max Bertolesi – Persistance Of Time (Original Mix)

Avikal & Max Bertolesi – Persistance Of Time (Original Mix)

Heinz Music

Avikal ::

Max Bertolesi ::

Heinz Music ::

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Claude VonStroke & Marc Houle – Fly Guy [DIRTYBIRD]

Claude VonStroke & Marc Houle have known each other for over 25 years; Claude growing up in Detroit and Marc just across the river in Windsor. Trading software and sample CDs with each other, music was the foundation of their friendship. While they never really made music together until now, both went on individual journeys and each has achieved the highest level of success in their genre.

“Fly Guy” is the new collaboration between old friends. Marc sent over an old file that Claude loved, but they both realized it needed to be updated to 2020. The track references back to an older, funkier techno vibe they both love, while updating the production and adding a couple of winks in the process. It’s the ideal combination of Marc’s stripped-down, propelling techno brain and the production funk of Claude. Clearly, you can hear the influence of their early days in the midwest reflected throughout.

To compliment the collaboration and to lend further support of longtime friendship, Claude also a remix of Marc’s “Arizona” from his 2020 artist album, “No One Knows”, that originally came out on his home label Item & Things for a b-side banger.

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