PREMIERE: The Glitz – Golden [Glitz Audio]

Artist: The Glitz
Title: Golden
Label: Glitz Audio
Cat: GLAU006
Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 19/02/2024
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The Glitz are back with their next album single. “Golden” is as breathtaking as they come, with a warm and pulsating undertone that irradiates tenderness. The much anticipated single is a fresh breath of electrifying air, with a club mix that carries a rolling groove, playful percussions and Mulay’s mesmerising vocals. The sound is deep and powerful, with a hint of that cheeky attitude that we love from The Glitz.

While the club mix is an excellent match for dance floors, the original version of “Golden” expands in sound, leaving the background noise behind. Mulay’s vocals tell us her story of love and desire. She draws you in, holds you gently in her grip before exhaling you with the fierce groove. Over the course of the singles leading up to the album we find ourselves wondering how The Glitz manage to create such varied, catchy, tender and raw soundscapes. The songs are nothing short of musical ingenuity, leaving you happy and wholesome with the track they just released, while tingling your curiosity of what they are coming up with next.


Kaio Batista

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