Picked Sound: Niconé – Why Don’t (Original Mix)

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Label: Bar 25 Music
Release Date: 05.07.2019
Cat. No: BAR25-098
Artist: Niconé
Release Title: All Time High
Release Type: EP
Medium: digital
Territory: ww

01 Niconé – All Time High (Original Mix)
02 Niconé – All Time High (Hör Mal Was Da Scheppert Mix)
03 Niconé – Why Don´t (Original Mix)

The German DJ and producer Alexander Gerlach started his project Niconé in 2007 in order to combine his two passions, fashion and music. Over the last few years, he has collaborated with Sascha Braemer, Philip Bader and many others. His music fits no usual genre, it is much more a feeling. The feeling of when the dancefloor, full of strangers, unites to become a homogeneous mass, dancing to a common beat. Niconé achieves this once again with his EP ‘All Time High’, staying true to his credo ’it´s all about conveying a feeling’.
Feel the beat!

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