Philipp Johann Thimm & Raphael Hofman – Baby’s Dreamride (Jan Oberlaender Remix)

In the darkness of the night, under the silver veil of the moon, the nightshade plants came to life. Their leaves whispered mysterious tales while their roots delved deep into the earth to gather the power of nature. Rising from the shadows, they formed a majestic army of green radiance illuminated by moonlight. The night came alive as the nightshades united into a formidable force of nature. Their song was a gentle whisper in the wind, reaching the souls of those willing to listen. Flowers bloomed in their wake, their colors vibrant in the nocturnal glow. The air was filled with an intoxicating scent, clouding the senses and captivating the hearts. Together, the nightshades rose against the black sky, their silhouetted forms embodying power and mystery. They danced in the moonlight, their leaves and petals flying like veils in the wind. Their presence was overwhelming yet calming, a promise of beauty and strength. In this magical night, the boundaries between reality and dream merged. The nightshades were not merely plants but messengers of another world, a world full of mysteries and wonders. Under the watchful gaze of the moon, they unleashed their powers to bless the land with their splendor and touch the hearts of those who encountered them.
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Release Title: Baby’s Dreamride
Artist: Philipp Johann Thimm & Raphael Hofman
Remix: Jan Oberlaender
Label: Wuza Records
Catalogue No.: WUZA010
Release-Date: 03.05.2024
Lyrics: David Roeder
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Jan Oberlaender
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Philipp Johann Thimm
Raphael Hofman
SC: @raphaelhofman
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Wuza Records

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Sven Väth – The Worm (Robag Wruhme Remix) – CORLP054

Sven Väth – Catharsis Remixes – CORLP054


1. (A1) Sven Väth – Silvi‘s Dream (Damiano Von Erckert Remix)
2. (A2) Sven Väth – What I Used To Play (Roman Flügel Remix)
3. (B1) Sven Väth – The Worm (Robag Wruhme Remix)
4. (B2) Sven Väth – We Are (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)
5. (C1) Sven Väth – Feiern (Krystal Klear Remix)
6. (C2) Sven Väth – Mystic Voices (Benjamin Damage Remix)
7. (D1) Sven Väth – Nyx (PAS Deep Heet Remix)
8. (D2) Sven Väth – Butoh (Robert Hood Remix)
9. (E1) Sven Väth – Nyx (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
10. (E2) Sven Väth – Being In Love (Harald Björk Remix)
11. (F1) Sven Väth – Catharsis (Manio Le Tough Remix)
12. (F2) Sven Väth – Silvi‘s Dream (Florian Hollerith Remix)

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Be Svendsen – Drifter

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„Ich spielte im Studio herum“, verrät @besvendsen. Dabei hatte er Spaß, die Grundlinie einer ziemlich berühmten Disco-Spur neu zu erstellen. “ Er möge es, Genres auseinanderzunehmen. „Deshalb war ich damals amüsiert, ein freches Banjo-Riff mit Rock-Trommeln und dieser Bass-Hook zu mischen“, gesteht der dänische Musiker. (…) „Ehrlich gesagt hatte ich nicht vor, diesen Track zu veröffentlichen, da er ein bisschen weit weg von dem ist, was ich heute tue.“ Aber @beatandpath, das Label, auf dem die Nummer mit einem Remix von @madmotormiquel erscheint, habe das Stück wirklich gefallen und wollte es rausbringen: „Also dachte ich mir: warum nicht?“ (…)

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Konrad Ritter & Neph – You Are Doing Well (Robag’s Tassilaq Morbus Rehand)

@konradritter @realneph @robag_fm

Out now:

Fresh off their April 2022-released debut single on Unreel, German duo Konrad Ritter & NEPH are back at it with “High Hopes”, a three-track hike across solar house territories beautifully complemented by a choice remix from Kompakt stalwart Robag Wruhme. True to the pair’s ever vivid and colourful approach, a lush palette of summery flavours and organic suavity exudes from this fresher-than-fresh second effort.

The blissed-out, disco-hued opener “Trip City” treats us to a smorgasbord of layered pad swashes, framing our minds in a warm cocoon of sound that spins in and out of focus to the jacking rhythm of early Chicago house drums. Folding out sequences of melodic sublimation and honey-like textural unctuosity thru and thru, a different shade of feelgood-ism innervates “You Are Doing Well”, where Ritter and NEPH blend in elements of polyrhythmic Caribbean music with heavily processed vocals and a left-of-centre sense of deep-house escapology.

Rounding off the package on a luminous, typically empowering note, German maestro Robag Wruhme repurposes “You Are Doing Well” into a proper clear-watered slice of shoegaze-y, dreamy elation – perfect for transitional states both on and off the dance-floor, then slowly but surely (and elegantly) cranking up the tempo up a notch until its bass-powered engines take us off up the highest layers of the dance-o-sphere.

Photo: Madlen Krippendorf
Artwork/Design: Björn Hinze
Mastering Track 1: Henning Riez / Tracks 2+3: Deinklang

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Bebetta, HRRSN – Lonely Planet Boy (Elvis Sabani Remix)

Vinyl out now:
Digital Release: Mach, 31st 2023

About us

We are Eating People but don’t be afraid. It will only hurt a little…

Eating People is an electronic music label & art collective. We try to merge the borders between art and music, be free with our ideas and visions and have fun playing around with different forms of art.

From Slow cooked techno to medium rare Club sandwiches… we show you a revolutionary new way of cooking. Be careful and don’t burn your tongue!

Shocking aromatic! So stop the diet and start to sin.

The process – From Music to unique Art-Vinyl

As part of our holistic concept every Vinyl is a unique piece of art.
Our releasing artists have the chance to paint their own cover art on a mosaic of 4×4 blank Vinyl covers, which we use as a big canvas.

You can become the owner of a small piece of art & music. The vinyls are limited and numbered. So better be fast!

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