Max Marlon presents Afterhour Sounds Podcast Nr. 217

© artwork by Jim aka Bock&Fuchs ➲ contact ✉

Max Marlon ( presents Afterhour Sounds Podcast Nr. 217

Unsere Nummer 217 kommt heute von einem Berliner Künstler, der aus dem Dunstkreis der geliebten Rummelsbucht entspringt. Die Rede ist von Max Marlon, einem vielschichtigen DJ mit dem Hang zum Downtempo.

Eigentlich wollte Max ein schnelleres und vor allem verspuhltes Set aufnehmen, ist dann aber beim langsamen Sound hängen geblieben. Gut wie ich finde. Denn es ist wirklich durch und durch gelungen, absolut stimmig und mit einer wunderbaren Atmosphäre versehen, die zur Afterhour passt. Ich nehme an, es spiegelt seinen aktuellen Mood gut wieder.

Wir danken dir vielmals für dieses wunderbare und abwechslungsreiche Set. Und vor allem für die kurzfristige Übernahme 😉
Wenn Afterhour, dann hier. Chapeu.

✘ Max Marlon (Bucht, Berlin)

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Eigentlich Heißen Wir Klaus presents United We Rise Nr. 083

Eigentlich heißen wir presents ( United We Rise Podcast Nr. 083

🗯🗯 Was trinkst du beim Auflegen im Club? 🗯🗯

Weizen, Korn, cremant

🗯🗯 Was ist dein Lieblings-Club oder Festival und warum? 🗯🗯


🗯🗯 Wie waren die Vorbereitung für den Mix? Woher kamen die Inspirationen? 🗯🗯

Weizen, Korn, cremant

✘ Eigentlich heißen wir Klaus (Laut&Luise, Plattenfreunde Neukölln – Berlin)
SC –

✘ United We Stream (Berlin / Global)
FB –
WB –

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Circulating Waves #006 – Kindred

Circulating Waves No.006 comes from no other than the 2nd heart and soul of Charybdis Records: Kindred from Berlin. With his enormous knowledge of music and his perfect ability to mix whatever media you throw at him, he takes you on a journey into the realms of pure hypnotic bliss.

Rooted in his dubstep past, abstract soundscapes, a touch of darkness and mathematically precise rhythms are always in his veins when he’s serving his hypnotic sets to a crowd that is constantly craving for more…

For me there could be no other back2back and label partner and i’m pretty sure we will leave some traces in the techno world. Big hugs!

written by Vittjas Tief

Discover more of Kindreds universe here:

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PREMIERE: Szafran & Thabo – All Out [curtea veche]

CV5 , Celebrating 5 years of music from Curtea Veche with this sublime double pack showcasing some CV favourites and some future talent , Limited press

cat : CV5
SONG TITLE: Thabo, Szafran – All Out


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Zigan Aldi presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 072

Zigan Aldi ( United We Rise Podcast Nr. 072

🗯🗯 Was trinkst du beim Auflegen im Club? 🗯🗯

Schwarzen Tee, gibt es diesen nicht passt auch Mate oder einfach Wasser

🗯🗯 Wie waren die Vorbereitung für den Mix? Woher kamen die Inspirationen?🗯🗯

Die Zeit die ich normalerweise auf Achse in den Clubs und auf Festivals in Deutschland und im Ausland durch das Auflegen verbracht hätte, verbringe ich nun oft rundum den Kotti, meiner Heimat. Die Energie und das bunte Treiben das nach wie vor dort pullsiert fließen maßgeblich in den UWS Mix mit ein.

🗯🗯 Was ist dein Lieblingsgericht / Essen? 🗯🗯


✘ Zigan Aldi (Kamai Music, Human by Default, Souq Records – Berlin)
SC –
FB –
Insta –
Spotify –

✘ United We Stream (Berlin / Global)
FB –
WB –

✘ ARTE United We Stream

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Daniel Jaeger & Electronic Elephant @ Dream Of Utopia Festival 2020 [TUR]

Sun was shining bright over the Mediterranean, as the partipants of the Dream of Utopia Festival (Secret Location, Turkish Coast) boarded one magnificent pirate ship for a day full of adventures at the sea…

Eventually, our virtuosos, Daniel Jaeger (Criminal Bassline, Get Physical, Katermukke) and Electronic Elephant (Station Endlos, Bordel des Arts, Bar 25 Music) got their hands on the decks too… And so a very special, spontaneous B2B session came to life for the Pirates of Utopia! This is a 2-hour cut from their longer set. Ahoyyy! Enjoy 😉

Dream of Utopia 2021 will take place between September 29 – October 3rd, at the same (secret) location… Save the date, so that maybe we can also see you there…

Daniel Jaeger |
Electronic Elephant |
Sound of Utopia |

More recordings from Dream of Utopia:

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Flight Club №30 — enelRAM

After rain comes sun. Or does it?

The pouring has stopped, but the world remains wet. Only different shades of grey and white linger around where you’d wish for a blue sky and rays of warming sunlight. Stiff breezes complete the picture and so you turn away from the window and just close your eyes.

After exercising your imagination muscles for the past months, nothing easier than to fancy yourself relaxing in that comfy hammock on that beautiful beach. No plastic bags or bottles in sight. The only dolphins are the ones having fun off the coast. The heat is moderate and from a tiny shack just a stone’s throw away from your meditative shady place some soothing summer sounds complete the picture.

But wait, this can’t be the local island radio, you know their sound and it would come close to a revolution if they’d play something different than these same old steel-drum-elevator-jams. Well, darn it! This means you have to leave your coziness and go look who’s pumpin’ these grooves out into the bay. As you come closer you realise, there’s a little daytime dance going on and it’s actually enelRAM on the decks.
Her selection gets you moving immediately and there’s only one thought behind your dusky eyes:

“Why can’t this be real?”

No worries. It can be.
We just have to collaborate.
Tomorrow is possible.

(@dyscotheque | @nice4what)

Photo credits: @deinBollek

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Blanka Mazimela Feat. Korus & Sobantwana – Gcwanini (MoBlack Remix) (Snippet)

Get Physical revisit their Africa Gets Physical compilation this March as they invite MoBlack to remix Blanka Mazimela’s track ‘Gcwanini’.

Last year saw the arrival of Get Physical’s third edition to their much loved ‘Africa Gets Physical’ series. One of the essential tracks was from album compiler Blanka Mazimela, which saw the rising South-African talent collaborate with Korus and Sobantwana on this incredible afrobeat offering, backed by a stunning official music video set in his home town of Cape-Town.

The remixer, MoBlack, is a globally renowned DJ and producer within the electronic music scene. He has remixed the work of Cameplhat and Girls of the Internet, whilst gaining support from Black Coffee, Solomun and BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong.

MoBlack’s interpretation is a deep and harmonising affair with an understated musicality providing the perfect soundbed for the original’s dynamic and flawless vocals. Tender chords, uplifting atmospheres and vibrant percussion play together below the surface as soaring pads combine with bubbling basslines on this hypnotic journey.

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BRM PREMIERE: Barbur – Lowliness (Julian Wassermann Remix) [Barbur Music]

BRM presents this PREMIERE: Barbur – Lowliness (Julian Wassermann Remix) on Barbur Music.

Artists: @barburmusic | @julianwassermann
Label: @barburmusic

The second release on Barbur Music is a huge remix from Julian Wassermann of “Lowliness” by the label boss, Barbur.
This melodic trip with techno atmospheres is a banging track, taking up some parts of the original, but giving it more boost and energy.
The EP includes also the Original mix by Barbur. It would be perfect for a dancefloor, when it comes back to dancing.
Can’t miss on your digital bag.

1. Barbur – Lowliness (Julian Wassermann Remix)
2. Barbur – Lowliness (Original Mix)


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