Flight Club №30 — enelRAM

After rain comes sun. Or does it?

The pouring has stopped, but the world remains wet. Only different shades of grey and white linger around where you’d wish for a blue sky and rays of warming sunlight. Stiff breezes complete the picture and so you turn away from the window and just close your eyes.

After exercising your imagination muscles for the past months, nothing easier than to fancy yourself relaxing in that comfy hammock on that beautiful beach. No plastic bags or bottles in sight. The only dolphins are the ones having fun off the coast. The heat is moderate and from a tiny shack just a stone’s throw away from your meditative shady place some soothing summer sounds complete the picture.

But wait, this can’t be the local island radio, you know their sound and it would come close to a revolution if they’d play something different than these same old steel-drum-elevator-jams. Well, darn it! This means you have to leave your coziness and go look who’s pumpin’ these grooves out into the bay. As you come closer you realise, there’s a little daytime dance going on and it’s actually enelRAM on the decks.
Her selection gets you moving immediately and there’s only one thought behind your dusky eyes:

“Why can’t this be real?”

No worries. It can be.
We just have to collaborate.
Tomorrow is possible.

(@dyscotheque | @nice4what)

Photo credits: @deinBollek

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Blanka Mazimela Feat. Korus & Sobantwana – Gcwanini (MoBlack Remix) (Snippet)


Get Physical revisit their Africa Gets Physical compilation this March as they invite MoBlack to remix Blanka Mazimela’s track ‘Gcwanini’.

Last year saw the arrival of Get Physical’s third edition to their much loved ‘Africa Gets Physical’ series. One of the essential tracks was from album compiler Blanka Mazimela, which saw the rising South-African talent collaborate with Korus and Sobantwana on this incredible afrobeat offering, backed by a stunning official music video set in his home town of Cape-Town.

The remixer, MoBlack, is a globally renowned DJ and producer within the electronic music scene. He has remixed the work of Cameplhat and Girls of the Internet, whilst gaining support from Black Coffee, Solomun and BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong.

MoBlack’s interpretation is a deep and harmonising affair with an understated musicality providing the perfect soundbed for the original’s dynamic and flawless vocals. Tender chords, uplifting atmospheres and vibrant percussion play together below the surface as soaring pads combine with bubbling basslines on this hypnotic journey.


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BRM PREMIERE: Barbur – Lowliness (Julian Wassermann Remix) [Barbur Music]

BRM presents this PREMIERE: Barbur – Lowliness (Julian Wassermann Remix) on Barbur Music.

Artists: @barburmusic | @julianwassermann
Label: @barburmusic

The second release on Barbur Music is a huge remix from Julian Wassermann of “Lowliness” by the label boss, Barbur.
This melodic trip with techno atmospheres is a banging track, taking up some parts of the original, but giving it more boost and energy.
The EP includes also the Original mix by Barbur. It would be perfect for a dancefloor, when it comes back to dancing.
Can’t miss on your digital bag.

1. Barbur – Lowliness (Julian Wassermann Remix)
2. Barbur – Lowliness (Original Mix)


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Zola + Schall&Hauch presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 061

Zola (https://ift.tt/2jKtnsT) + Schall&Hausch (https://ift.tt/3cSMQ5c) presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 061

🗯🗯 Wie hat Corona dein Künstlerleben verändert? 🗯🗯

Grundlegend. Seit fast einem Jahr gibt es so gut wie gar keine Möglichkeiten mehr vor Publikum aufzulegen und wenn, wie im Spätsommer oder Herbst, dann unter komplett anderen, strengen Bedingungen. Andererseits haben wir alle die Zeit genutzt, um noch mehr Musik zu diggen und Mixtapes aufzunehmen oder Stream-Sets zu spielen. Das ersetzt einen Gig vor Publikum zwar nicht annähernd, aber man kann es auch als Inventur der bisher geleisteten Arbeit als DJ und Selector*in begreifen.

🗯🗯 Wo habt ihr diesen Mix aufgenommen? 🗯🗯

Wir haben von zuhause und zu dritt am Tape gearbeitet und die Arbeit ein bisschen aufgeteilt. Zola und Buzz Boris haben das Konzept aufgestellt und die Selektion übernommen, was bei der speziellen Ausrichtung des Tapes Richtung subkultureller NDW-Sounds ziemlich aufregend war. Marinelli hat auch noch ein paar Tracks mit reingeworfen, aber vor allem aufgenommen, Schräubchen gedreht und das Mastering übernommen. Im Chat haben wir dann die Feinheiten diskutiert und uns gegenseitig Feedback gegeben. Das hat irre viel Spaß gemacht und hat auch auf die Distanz wirklich erstaunlich gut funktioniert. Wir denken sogar schon über ein Follow-Up Mixtape nach.

🗯🗯 Was wünschst du dir für die Zeit nach oder mit Corona? 🗯🗯

Gesamtgesellschaftlich wünschen wir uns Nachsicht, Solidarität und Zusammenhalt untereinander. Aber natürlich auch eine Perspektive für die ziemlich allein gelassenen Künstlerinnen und Künstler. Wir haben alle noch andere Jobs bzw. eine Absicherung, viele unsere Freundinnen und Freunde nicht. Für die Zeit nach Corona wünschen wir uns, dass wir uns wieder ausgelassen und gemeinsam an fantastischer Musik erfreuen können. Und weniger Bildschirme!

✘ Zola (Berlin)
SC – https://ift.tt/2jKtnsT
FB – https://ift.tt/2SilSck
YT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTOhwDLtHLk
Insta – https://ift.tt/3p1IYB7

✘ Schall&Hauch (Berlin)
SC – https://ift.tt/3cSMQ5c
FB – https://ift.tt/2MABQP7
Insta – https://ift.tt/36PbwY7

✘ United We Stream (Berlin / Global)
FB – https://ift.tt/35aJynX
WB – https://ift.tt/2Uprh2g
INSTA – https://ift.tt/2zxXwUV

✘ ARTE United We Stream

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Jirafa Radio w/ Yuksek #7

JIRAFA RADIO: a monthly podcast from Kid Simius label Jirafa Records.
This time with the beautiful Yuksek.
Enjoy one hour of the finest handpicked music mixed by Yuksek.


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We Are At Home #49 By Anja Zaube – Together Alone

🙏 BLINDSPOTS – Spendenaufruf Kältefalle Bosnien 🙏

Für die heutige Lockdown-Unterhaltung ist die DJ-Frau und Produzentin Anja Zaube zuständig. Ihren technoiden und äußerst abwechslungsreichen Sound verfolge ich schon seit ein paar Jahren … leider hat es sich noch nicht ergeben das ich sie live hören durfte. Aber steht ganz weit oben auf meiner Wunschliste. Naja hoffentlich geht’s im Frühjahr wieder voll los und dann wird sich bestimmt eine Möglichkeit finden … ich bin eh untertanzt. Anja tausend dank für dieses Meisterwerk … bisschen dunkler und düsterer darf es in der Zeit schon auch mal sein.

01_Current 909 – The Lockdown
02_Casual Violence – Anabiosis
03_Knowing Something – Third Character
04_Julien Bracht, Martyné & Bodin – Resonance
05_Placid One – Morse
06_The old shed – Above Smoke Remix
07_Cirez.D – Teaser
08_Jittery Heritage – D.Eulberg Remix
09_Nass – Teil1
10_Pär Grindvik – Ensemble ( Anthony Linell Remix )
11_Nina Kraviz – Desire
12_Lary Heard – Winterflower
13_Tenebre – Axe Nord – Sud
14_Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Kamouflage loves Fred Remix)

Anja Zaube (nemorousrecords – Berlin)
SC – https://ift.tt/2wqjpzY
FB – https://ift.tt/28OqmCQ

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Foreign Guest presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 043

Foreign Guest (https://ift.tt/1DzhJDv) presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 043

🗯🗯 How Did Corona change your artist life? 🗯🗯

Corona challenges all of us in different ways. Being locked down and realising that we are facing a fundamental crises economically and socially I got very depressed and scared. That’s why also my creativity got massively influenced by the crises. Like for most of us I suggest it took some time to adapt to the new situation. After leaving behind the depressing vibes I started again to work on my music and especially on my studio. I moved to Funkhaus and built a new space. I had enough time to built a really comfortable and professional studio and that’s why I’m more than happy now to have created Studio Balthasar where I offer Mixing and Production Services beside producing my own music. As artist I suffered but as sound engineer being part of the music production scene I got finally the chance to make the next step.

🗯🗯 Where did you record the mix and how did you feel? 🗯🗯

Of course I recorded the mix live at Studio Balthasar. Good acoustical treatment and loud speakers made it possible the get at least some vibes while playing. I felt happy to play a set again but on the other side you always start to remember how it was to play live in clubs. I miss it.

🗯🗯 What are your wishes for the time after Corona? 🗯🗯

I just hope that the corona crises won’t eliminate too many venues and artists of our scene. A lot of people are struggling and I’m sure that sooner or later we gonna see rising and established venues and artists fall and quit. I hope that we will be strong enough to maintain the ambitions and to stay motivated to continue influencing our electronic music scene with music and events in the future.

✘ Foreign Guest (Studio Balthasar – Berlin)
SC – https://ift.tt/1DzhJDv
FB – https://ift.tt/2GYJShT
Insta – https://ift.tt/36zV25k

✘ United We Stream (Berlin / Global)
FB – https://ift.tt/35aJynX
WB – https://ift.tt/2Uprh2g
INSTA – https://ift.tt/2zxXwUV

✘ ARTE United We Stream

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Elli Altenberger presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 022

Elli Altenberger (https://ift.tt/3gogDAL) presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 022

🗯🗯 How Did Corona change your artist life? 🗯🗯

For me it was probably a little bit different than with other artists. I have the big luck that I am not financially dependend on DJing, which is great and I want to keep it that way.

Other than that … it is probably similar.

The reason I started DJing is because I love sharing my music, making people happy and making them dance. I really miss playing on a good soundsystem with people dancing and screaming. It is the best feeling ever to share a moment like this.

🗯🗯 Where did you record the mix and how did you feel? 🗯🗯

I recorded the mix at my friend’s house- with my cousin also listening.

I loved it. My friends know I am also very excited to play for 2 people and I get nervous a lot. It is exciting stuff. Sharing your favorite tracks, opening up to people, sharing your current mood with them. I am not the one who talks a lot but rather make them listen in a different way. It was great – they said they liked it… so I sent it in. It’s always a good decision to trust your best friends.

🗯🗯 What are your wishes for the time after Corona? 🗯🗯

First of all I hope as many artists, light technicians, cleaning crews, bartenders and so on… that mainly work in clubs, bars or festivals can survive.

Many clubs already had to close, even more people lost their jobs, and most importantly their existence. Often they worked all their life to be able to support them and their family, doing what they love.

This Corona time also showed me how important clubs and partys are for LGBTQI+ people as it is not just a place to drink and hang out, it is a safe space for many people just like me. It is system-relevant. !!

I just hope that the one’s remaining won’t give up and be able to share love, inklusion, appreciation and just a good night out again.
Of course I will hope everything will go „back to normal“. Let’s just hope this is possible one day.


1.) Riders On the Summer- BRYZ
2.) Church Lady (feat Danil Wright) – Dennis Ferrer
3.)The Never Ending Groove-Sweely
4.)This is Between Me and You -Sweely
5.)Beauty is Random – Sweely
6.)PPPPP(Diva mix)-youANDme
7.)About this (ICS Remix)- Arkady ANtsyrev
8.)Brighter Days feat Dajae (Underground Goodie Mix)-Cajamere
9.)I’m not defeated, Pt. II -Honey Dijon’s Undefeated Dub
10.)Pain au Chocolat – Black Loops
11.)Catch The Beat feat. Cakes Da Killa (Original Mix)- Honey Dijon, Cakes Da Killa
12.)New Jack Nation (Click Click’s Stripped Back Remix)-Dole & Kom

✘ Elli Altenberger (Altholz – Berlin)
SC – https://ift.tt/3gogDAL
FB – https://ift.tt/2CUV0KE
Insta – https://ift.tt/2CRzLtb

✘ United We Stream (Berlin / Global)
FB – https://ift.tt/35aJynX
WB – https://ift.tt/2Uprh2g
INSTA – https://ift.tt/2zxXwUV

✘ ARTE United We Stream

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