HOVR @ Wilde Möhre 2023 🥕

Getting wild at Wilde Möhre! Sunset, my favorite slot..Ended the final festival day with banging indie dance and some cheesy stuff 😌
Enjoy the recording. Check my soundcloud description for tour dates and follow me @ hovrmusic


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💜💛 Kataya b2b OhOhOuzo ❤️🧡 Am Bach Festival ’23 💚💙

💜💛 Kataya b2b @ohohouzo ❤️🧡 Am Bach Festival ’23 💚💙

Weit entfernt zwischen Wäldern, Wiesen und Bergen,
liegt ein Ort voller Magie und Liebe, direkt neben einem Bach 💜

Musik aus weiten Sphären des Weltraums,

Kunst so bunt und vielfältig wie der Regenbogen

& Menschen mit einem Herzen so groß wie das Universum 💫


Unser Herz blüht & wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim lauschen
 unseres wilden Space Rides am Bach 🌊
Love to you all’
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
💟 Kataya & OhOhOuzo 💟

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The Naked Tea Party 🫖 Wilde Möhre Seelenschaukel ✨

Here are the last 2.5h of my 4h set at Wilde Möhre 🥕 for the amazing Naked Tea Party ☕️ Could not use the whole set, because of clipping issues 🥲. Edited a little intro – have fun!

Go and check out https://ift.tt/79PGMdx for more information about this beautiful project. Let’s normalize our bodies and shake off the fear and guilt from not being “perfectly formed”, whatever that means. Thank you all for dancing naked with me 🕺

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Nils Frahm – Lemon Day (Official Audio)

Nils Frahm – Lemon Day (Official Audio)
Taken from “Music For Animals” by Nils Frahm
Written & produced by Nils Frahm

“Music For Animals” will be released on September 23, 2022 as a 3CD and 4LP set, as well as via all streaming platforms. Pre-order now: https://ift.tt/dYAzMB0

Find all upcoming live dates here: https://ift.tt/er9SMG2

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Listen to NILS FRAHM
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Deep and Soulful House | Black Impala Restaurant

Deep and Soulful House | Black Impala Restaurant
Facebook: https://ift.tt/TgWZrNt
Instagram: https://ift.tt/vI5HdFi
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/lochivethedjhun

1. Nutty Nyc – The Promise
2. Thabang Phaleng – Closer (TimAdeep RA Mix) – Closer
3. Excte C – Hold On
4. Soulfreakah – Waya Waya
5. Dav Risen – Save me lord
6. Sir LSG – Searching
7. Chymamusique – Now & Then
8. Sculptured Music – Get Home
9. Dawn Tallman ft Josh Milan – Celebrate Myself
10. Alexander Hope – Big Mistake

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HOVR @ Sisyphos 🧖🏻‍♂️ Dampfer 🧖🏻‍♂️ 04|22


This was hot. Really enjoyed pushing forward with y’all. Big thx to Sisyphos for letting me conduct this dancefloor. ❤️ Never played Dampfer before – even got to play a lil’ Techno in the last hour 🔉 But enough spoilers, enjoy the full recording 😉
& follow me: @ hovrmusic

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