Butch – No Worries (2022 Version)

TITLE: No Worries ’22 [incl. Toman Rmx]
LABEL: Cécille Records
CAT.: CEC046


“Butch-No Worries”. It doesn’t take much to describe this track that we first released in 2010 on Cecille Records. Ibiza track of the season, track of the year in reader polls and magazines such as Groove and Resident Advisor.
12 years later we come back with an updated 2022 version of Butch ́s original including a massive remix by Toman.

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Drahm | Aldea Zama at Night | www.klangextase.de

New podcast by Drahm 💚

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@drahm-music • https://ift.tt/isQSUHI • https://ift.tt/sgdqF4y

► About:
Drahm is an Statement. While a lot of his peers in school were listening to pop music, Drahm was absorbing the intricacies of classical composers like Bach and Mozart. Since a very young age Drahm’s ears were tuned to music that told a story. Classical music usually has long arrangements that takes you through multiple emotions. This is why his sets aren’t just about experiencing one vibe, rather taking you to places where you wouldn’t venture to by yourself without a trusted guide such as himself. Born in Iran, raised in Toronto,epicentre of Canada’s booming electronic music scene and inspired by Tulum, he has been immersed in the sounds of diverse cultures all his life. His worldly experiences are manifested in his music, and his sets take you on an uplifting, emotional journey that transcends borders.

You will hear the ancestral rhythms of Persian influence, urbane melodies native of his Toronto Underground house music upbringing, organic drums reminiscent of starlit journeys through the jungles of Tulum harmoniously incorporated into one beautiful, groovy story!” He is currently working on originals and is also involved in productions with likeminded artists and anticipates multiple releases by Late 2022.

Founder @Deephousetulum
A&R/Partner @Deephousetoronto

► Connect with KX:

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10 Jahre Afterhour Sounds

vinyl / digital
8:00-9:30 pm

I wouldn’t say this is my signature sound at the moment but I’ve always loved doing deep sunset (& warm up) sets – so here we go!

It was an honor to celebrate the 10th anniversary of @afterhour_sounds with the crew and open the new floor “Hinter den Alpen” at Klunkerkranich Berlin.

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MARIA Die RUHE – Rejection (Martin Waslewski Remix) [Reduced to the Root]

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Listening to @martinwaslewski is like a journey where the boundaries of electronic music blur: with groovy tracks, between house and melodic techno, he tells musical stories without saying a word too much and thus always and immediately hits the nerve of the crowd in his sets. To the point! Martin discovered his love for electronic music in 2010 after growing up in hip hop. And so he is now home to labels such as Bar 25, Get Physical, Stil vor Talent, Monaberry, Exploited Ghetto & Hommage. But he’s no stranger to the international scene either – from New York, Bogota and Ibiza to the Amsterdam Dance Event and Sonar Festival in Barcelona – he’s been able to make a lot of people happy with his music.

The final breakthrough for the idea of the remix came to me during my vacation in Italy. I was in Pittelli, near La Spezia. After a day on the beach and two or three Aperol Spritz I sat on our terrace in the vacation home and had the brilliant idea.

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Behind LOKD Doors 23 – Mattmosphere

We meet with unusual events this year, be it a haze in winter, or more like a late snowfall in spring. We are so happy to host our next mixtape by our dear friend Mattmosphere.

In the past we know Matt for his special sound and way of playing music. Based mainly on ambient and experimental atmospheres. Today he has given us an extraordinary set that represents the sound that is usually directed towards clubs and dancefloors, perhaps as a celebration of having them back after a long wait. Us being big fans of minimal and house, could not feel a better fit.

Many thanks to Matt for this wonder, and welcome to our family.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


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FLUX FM 01/04/22

01 – Michael Jackson – Liberian Girl (Lixandru Edit)
02 – Reinhard Fötzestauer ( aka Roger Geressen) Cum tool
03 – MJ – Jam ( Rowan Reshape)
04 – Moby – Porcelain ( Timo Maas & James Teej‘s broken China DUB)
05 – Heashu – Sexy back
06 – Ilario Liburni – Noxious
07 – Uffie- Ready to uff
08 – Coldfish – Mox
09 – Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller – The Release (DJ Ali Remix)
10 – Olivian Nour – Omaigad
11 – Alessio Viggiano – Gravita 0

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