Ren’ Radio #073 – Ron Flatter

Ron Flatter presents over an hour of the best in new melodic house and techno; expertly curated and mixed, it features Jan Blomqvist, Mind Against, Rodriguez Jr. and Tim Engelhardt & Sean Doron’s track ‘So Good’, plus more… Prick up your ears!

1. Moeaike – Bo Bom (Alan Dixon Remix) 00:00:00
2. Ron Flatter – Ivoo 00:05:18
3. Monblaire – No Worries 00:11:10
4. Ron Flatter – Pinasangria 00:16:04
5. Rodriguez Jr., Jan Blomqvist – Destination Lost 00:20:55
6. Mind Against – Floral 00:24:50
7. Ron Flatter – Embraces Scars 00:28:20
8. Amadori – Voodoo 00:33:56
9. Goldtrix, Andrea Brown, Kölsch – It’s Love 00:38:51
10. Ron Flatter – Sherygerry 00:44:23
11. Tim Engelhardt, Sean Doron – So Good 00:51:09
12. Ron Flatter – Cosmolimon 00:55:30

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Philipp Johann Thimm & Raphael Hofman – Baby’s Dreamride (Jan Oberlaender Remix)

In the darkness of the night, under the silver veil of the moon, the nightshade plants came to life. Their leaves whispered mysterious tales while their roots delved deep into the earth to gather the power of nature. Rising from the shadows, they formed a majestic army of green radiance illuminated by moonlight. The night came alive as the nightshades united into a formidable force of nature. Their song was a gentle whisper in the wind, reaching the souls of those willing to listen. Flowers bloomed in their wake, their colors vibrant in the nocturnal glow. The air was filled with an intoxicating scent, clouding the senses and captivating the hearts. Together, the nightshades rose against the black sky, their silhouetted forms embodying power and mystery. They danced in the moonlight, their leaves and petals flying like veils in the wind. Their presence was overwhelming yet calming, a promise of beauty and strength. In this magical night, the boundaries between reality and dream merged. The nightshades were not merely plants but messengers of another world, a world full of mysteries and wonders. Under the watchful gaze of the moon, they unleashed their powers to bless the land with their splendor and touch the hearts of those who encountered them.
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
Release Title: Baby’s Dreamride
Artist: Philipp Johann Thimm & Raphael Hofman
Remix: Jan Oberlaender
Label: Wuza Records
Catalogue No.: WUZA010
Release-Date: 03.05.2024
Lyrics: David Roeder
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
Jan Oberlaender
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
Philipp Johann Thimm
Raphael Hofman
SC: @raphaelhofman
▬ ▬ ▬
Wuza Records

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PREMIERE: Bauhouse – Footloose (El Funkador Remix) [Esquimau]

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RELEASE DATE 2023-10-06
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Release info:
“Esquimau presents the first release as an imprint that deals in deep and elegant house underground music. We are introducing you to a ‘Footloose’ EP by rising talent Bauhouse, spiced up with the remix by El Funkador. Bauhouse’s past releases on labels such as Closer To Truth, Miura Records and Mole Music showcased a sound that skilfully mixes elements of Deep House and Tech House. With tracks ‘Footloose’ and ‘Thelonious Chipmunk’ Bauhouse abandoned classic deep house influences in favour of a delicious jazzy, dusty and warming take on Deep House. ‘Footloose’ is sublime with sampled glittering piano motifs and luscious chords rising above a solid house rhythm and a lovely deep bassline. ‘Thelonious Chipmunk’ is a jazzed-up groove for cosy backroom gatherings, featuring tight swinging percussion beautifully coupled with piano sample cuts. The El Funkador Remix gets a more stripped down take but no less cavernous and heady. He slipped Footloose Remix into a club-ready groove, preserving the sonic aesthetic of the original while adding depth and density with skippy rhythm and perfectly syncopated baseline.”

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Bebetta, HRRSN – Lonely Planet Boy (Elvis Sabani Remix)

Vinyl out now:
Digital Release: Mach, 31st 2023

About us

We are Eating People but don’t be afraid. It will only hurt a little…

Eating People is an electronic music label & art collective. We try to merge the borders between art and music, be free with our ideas and visions and have fun playing around with different forms of art.

From Slow cooked techno to medium rare Club sandwiches… we show you a revolutionary new way of cooking. Be careful and don’t burn your tongue!

Shocking aromatic! So stop the diet and start to sin.

The process – From Music to unique Art-Vinyl

As part of our holistic concept every Vinyl is a unique piece of art.
Our releasing artists have the chance to paint their own cover art on a mosaic of 4×4 blank Vinyl covers, which we use as a big canvas.

You can become the owner of a small piece of art & music. The vinyls are limited and numbered. So better be fast!

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Premiere: HEVI LEVI – Moon (Ten Walls Remix) – Joy Records

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Electronic Groove promotes the latest music, artists, brands, and worldwide festivals.
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Mateo Quiles // Space Progressive 25 // October 2022

Space Progressive Radio Show by Mateo Quiles #25

Feel and enjoy 🖤
1- Black 8 – You Are Not Alone (Original Mix) [QuantumusiQ]
2- Ezequiel Arias, Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor – Meloram (Original Mix) [Melorama]
3- Sebastian Sellares – Renaissance (Original Mix) [Proportion]
4- Kamilo Sanclemente – Revenge Of Jedi (Original Mix) [Deepwibe Underground]
5- Mayro – Soul Escape (Original Mix) [Lowbit]
6- Integral Bread – Rampage (Original Mix) [Univack Records]
7- Argy & Matthew Dear Feat. Tegan & Sara – More Horses (Original Mix) [Renaissance Records]
8- Adrian Román – Lady Hester (Original Mix) [Microcastle]
9- Joaco Salerno – Blessed Dreams (Original Mix) [Droid9] Out 21/10/22
10- Will DeKeizer – Emerald (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
11- Ric Niels – Rapture Sky (Original Mix) [Onedotsixtwo]
12- Alex O’Rion – Relic (Original Mix) [Movement Records]
13- Leonie Pernet – Missing Love (Jennifer Cardini & Damon Jee Remix) [Infine]
14- Adrian Román – Disturbing The Perception (Original Mix) [Microcastle)
15- Oclum – Riddle (German Brigante Remix) [Manitox]

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