Picked Sound: Ayahuasca | Don Son

This week Basel’s Don Son takes you on a mind-opening journey with his spectacular cup of Ayahuasca!

Rooted in Bucharest, Romania, raised in Germany and now based in Basel, Don Son has grown under a massive musical influence since he was born.

His first appearance in the electronic scene was 2014 together with his friend Ioanis, under the alias Ioanis & Don Son. Today their duo project is named Ωpαl. Deepness, spheric atmospheres and melodic music since then is Don Son’s signature style.

Don Son’s productions have been released on imprints such as Magician on Duty, Submarine Vibes, Rebellion der Träumer as well as on his own imprint Wildfang Music.

Wildfang Music is co-managed with, guess who, Ioanis! In 2016 Don Son launched Mehrvondenteilen, a channel hosting podcasts, premieres and free downloads of likeminded artists.

Don Son’s a trough-and-through storyteller: he mesmerizes with magic and spheres, expressed through his music. And as a laboratory professional he know exactly how to mix a magic potio…! So, get comfy and enjoy this fantastic and deep journey with his Ayhuasca!

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