Picked Sound: PREMIERE Søren Laga – Kumera [Radikon]

Release Title: Radikon Compilation – Reto II
Artist: Søren Laga (https://ift.tt/2GxKlRF)
Label: Radikon (https://ift.tt/2FsE4vx )
Catalogue No.: Rdkn08
Release-Date: 29.11.2019

Buy Link: https://ift.tt/2O9kOpg

Radikon’s annual Reto compilation celebrates its second edition with catalogue number 008. It’s been a year full of ecstatic highs and grueling lows, but most of all, great electronic music. Reto II is dedicated to everyone – fans, artists and collaborators – that helped make Radikon’s inaugural journey a year to remember. Reto II features 10 Tracks by Radikon veterans and newcomers alike. Returning artists include label heads Jonas Saalbach and Guzy, Dahu, Tony Casanova, Soren Laga, Foreign Guest, Yubik and Yuven. Radikon is also proud to welcome several debut artists to the label. Copenhagen’s Baime, Cologne’s youlaike and Berlin native Matthias Schuell offer up astounding compositions and are welcome additions to the growing Radikon family. From our home base at Funkhaus Berlin our profoundest thanks for a great first year, and may there be many more to come!

✘ Søren Laga (Cologne // Germany)

✘ Radikon (Berlin // Germany)

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Picked Sound: Oberst & Buchner (ft. Gunilla) – Ceci und die Welt

Wir halten es kurz und liebevoll…

YEAH YEAH, YEAH unsere erste Compilation ist on air und dafür danken wir tausendmal…

& @mirco-niemeier für die Master.

Happy Release Tag Habibis & Habibtis <3 In Dankbarkeit, Die Crew Artwork by @bonnieford-1 Master by @mirco-niemeier

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We Play House Recordings – 10 Years

We Play House Recordings 10 Years
We Play House Recordings 10 Years

Belgium’s favourite underground house DJ Red D celebrates the 10 year anniversary of his @Weplayhouserecordings label with a triple CD containing 34 tracks and a digital compilation containing all 34 tracks from the CD and no less than 11 bonus tracks. Including highlights from the label catalogue, many of which never before available digitally with new and unreleased material from San Soda, Locked Groove, Fabrice Lig, FCL (featuring Lady Linn), Kai Alcé, Kiani & His Legion, Maxim Lany, Tyree Cooper, Krewcial, Reggie Dokes, Ante Perry, label boss Red D himself and many more.

We Play House Recordings – WPH – is the work of Belgian DJ & producer Red D. Started 10 years ago to release the music of his friend san Soda, the label had (and has) the aim to release house music in all its shapes and forms. WPH’s house ethics date back to the days where house was just a name for music that was played in clubs. There is no such thing as tech house, no such thing as deep house or minimal, there is simply (house) music, good or bad.

We Play House Recordings is lovingly led by Red D (real name Bart Van Neste), one of Belgium’s leading underground music figures. Be it in his role as DJ, A&R, promoter, music panel host or general nitelife instigator, Red D does things with passion, humor and a healthy dose of keeping-both-feet-firmly-on-the-ground…with a twist…

WPH was started in 2007, so it takes no math genius to know that in 2017 the label is celebrating its 10 years anniversary. Running from the spring till winter 2017 this anniversary will be celebrated with special vinyl releases, a triple CD, a digital compilation, a Spotify playlist and a series of label nights all over Belgium and beyond. True to form the compilation will have WPH classics but also a BIG bunch of new material from core artists of the label like Locked Groove, San Soda, Kiani & His Legion, Fabrice Lig and many more.

WPH 10 Years Facts

– A triple CD, a digital compilation, a Spotify playlist & 6 vinyl samplers
– 45 tracks: 26 from the back catalogue (many of which vinyl only until now) and 19 brand new ones
– Label nights & stages throughout 2017 at Ampere (2nd June), Fuse (fall ’17), Tomorrowland (28th July), Charlatan (14th July), Forty Five (14th October & 9th December) and many more.

listen to more tracks from this great backcatalogue @ WPH Soundcloud

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Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 2

Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 2
Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 2

We told you there is a part 2 after the phenomenal Part 1 we brought to you in April

This second part EP takes off with Fred Everything & Hollis P Monroe’s “Jessie’s Couch”, which brings back a two step groove with this classic Detroit atmosphere that cannot help but pull you in. This future classic’s warm bass and moody pads guarantee the track a long life still to come.
Next up we have our very own Larse’s “Haunted” with a deep, dark, sexy and forward drive. This 90’s inspired jam reminds us why we love Larse so much. With a powerful bassline and great female vocal sample this tune will not leave our record case for a while!
Then we have TrueSelf’s “Next Chapter” featuring Atjazz. This track is a perfect example to the talk of breaks and UK garage infused house music having a comeback – if this tune is anything to go by they are right! TrueSelf even dives back into broken beats to bring us this beauty.
Till Von Sein is back doing, what he does so well. “Venao Jam” is another deep repetitive beauty. Till’s expertise with percussions and groove makes this track ready for the summer.
Black Loops’ “Climax” with its killer bassline drives this track forward, driven by a 90s-hiphopish sample and bright summer chords. We can’t wait to hear this at festivals and open airs around the globe.
Jacob Korn’s playful ravish track „On The Move“ is a testament to his unique and diverse styles. It’s a journey into the producers mind.
release date: May 26th, 2017


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Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 1

 Suol - Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 1
Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 1

A new year a new Suol Summer Daze. Suol Records gathers artists from their Suol family to put together tracks with that special sunbeams and summer atmosphere – soulful deep house music.

After some years of the compilation being released in the familiar format of an album with a tight tour de force of tracks, Soul-Team decided to try with a new form – this issue will be a series of 3 compilation EPs. Now you have to buy 3 pieces instead of one. Business call this upscaling. Each EP will therefore consist of 6 previously unreleased tracks from both Suol and the extended family.

This EP takes off with Atjazz’ “Programme Sunlight”, which is a trippy deep summer groove. Chopstick & Johnjon’s “Last Night” with a solid bassline and atmospheric build up. Then there is Matthias Vogt’s “Chanterelle” with fancy Jazz background and precise attention to details. M.ono’s “Wanna Give” serves a driving african groove, classic House piano riffs and vocal samples, a dancefloor pleaser. Carlo’s “Got Ya”, is Disco Funk is some infused House tune. In the blend of the crispy House music you’ll also find tracks of a more R&B like sound, with vocals and catchy hooks. As in the sixth and last track (for this part), Meggy & Tigerskin’s “Bygone Eras” show some groove and vocals to modern dance music.

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Dessous Recordings – Dessous Summer Grooves 4

One of the better compilations this year: Dessous Summer Grooves 4!
This collection of the latest Deep House gems is compiled by labelhead Steve Bug himself. Artists like Ivan Latyshev, Jamie Anderson & Owain K, Langenberg and more are featured along with remixes by Atjazz and James Dexter. Without a doubt, you have to feel the warmth and summer vibes coming right out your speakers.


01. Ivan Latyshev – To My Youth
02. Jamie Anderson & Owain K – Edge Of Infinity
03. Timmy P – Bosh (James Dexter Remix)
04. Lockwood – Let’s Talk
05. Vincenzo feat. Mic Newman – Melbs
06. Langenberg – Shadows feat. Blakkat (Atjazz Remix)
07. Timmy P – Grim Fandango
08. James Dexter – Get To This
09. Jamie Anderson & Owain K – Just A Groove
10. Ivan Latyshev – Can’t Go Away
11. Langenberg – Shadows feat. Blakkat
12. Vincenzo – Great Heights

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Ekkohaus – Noschool Remixes

Remixes von Liveacts sind ja immer so eine Sache. Da stehen die Leute dann im Club und warten auf den Hit der letzten EP und dann verwurstelt dieser doofe Liveact die Nummer diesmal einfach anders. Ja, auch Paul Kalkbrenner soll das schon gemacht haben. Bringt man dann aber gleich eine ganze Remixcompilation raus, dann wird die Sache schon interessanter. Wenn das veröffentlichende Label dann auch noch Moonharbour und der Act Ekkohaus heißt, ist das Ganze eigentlich ne sichere Bank.
Mit Kerry Chandler, Jesse Rose oder Sven Tasnadi lässt man sich in Leipzig auch nicht lumpen und holt sich soliden Support. Mal sehen, wie viel davon live zu hören ist. Pumpen tut die Scheibe allemal.

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Bryan Kessler – Hands Full Of Black Color

Da bringen die bei Get Physical so eine Newcomer Compilation (Tracks) raus und dann ist nahezu jeden Nummer ein Bringer. Zugegeben der Output bei GPM ist zwar hoch aber unserer Meinung nach nicht immer auf gleich hohem Niveau.
Die Bryan Kessler Nummer jedenfalls groovt hier sehr subtil rum und gefällt.

‘Tracks’ Playlist
01. Bryan Kessler – Hands Full Of Black Color
02. MANTU feat. Adeline – Next Gen
03. IOAKIM SAYZ – When It Was Good (Julian Ganzer Remix)
04. Stereo.type – Momento
05. MAD ! – All Gods Love feat. Antranita (Original Mix)
06. ACUMEN – Copie Conforme
07. Hector Couto – Get Into The Groove
08. DJ Hal – Agent Elastic
09. Palma & Salvatierra – Spend The Night
10. Julio Victoria feat. Steinlausky – Some Sense
11. V.A. – Continuous Mix by MANTU

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