Picked Sound: Flight Club №12 — Fog Puma

ꆛ The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo ꆜ

Finally! The heatwave caught up with us.
The streets are turning into quicksand, the minds melt away like mango sorbet and even the fastest sound don’t seem to catch up with each other. Or is that because Fog Puma just happens make them stick?

Anyway, we’re massively happy to welcome this colorful individual and acclaimed sonar traveller into our execution of a mile high club.
Besides running his cozy book and vinyl shop Zabriskie (https://zabriskie.de/) the foggy mixing-virtuoso is also hosting the Mystic Moods parties at Klunkerkranich.
For Flight Club número doce he whipped up an especially summerly array of obscure, tropical, dreamy(, and some other adjectives that got stuck in the tarpit outside) discs into a super delicious tape.

Thanks a lot Foggy!
Everyone else: here you go! And don’t forget your sunglasses.


Artwork: @puninja

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