Picked Sound: Robot Koch – Crystal Grid (Ryan Davis Reverie Edit)

My second work for Robot´s label is a remix for one of his own ‘Crystal Grid’
I chopped, reversed and pitched the original samples glueing them together again as a 3 part cinematic mini composition. Starting with ambiences and subtle rhythms that feel like you listen to your inner body while your journey goes further and turns your attention to your near surroundings as the piano and beats get more defined. The third act is opening up an ocean of sounds filling your mind from every source of sound you can absorb till the wave of excitement coincides back to your inner self.

The whole ep includes many more great takes on Robot´s music by Daniel Brandt, Chi Thanh and Jan Wagner and new material that hasnt made it onto his album.

Booking under booking@ryandavis.de
Listen to all on spotify http://bit.ly/sphereremixes

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