Dorsi Plantar – You’re Solid As Fuck

Dorsi Plantar - You're Solid As Fuck
Dorsi Plantar – You’re Solid As Fuck

For the fourth release of the Washington-based label Better Listen, it’s Dorsi Plantar with his ‘Everlast’ EP. After a smooth debut on Kyoku Records, feel free to now tune into the gems from the A-side of the wax “You’re Solid As Fuck”. This afro-latin and jazz-infused cut will surely get you groovin! Enjoy

Release date: 19th May 2017
more information at WWD

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Portable Sunsets – Order

Portable Sunsets - Order
Portable Sunsets – Order

Portable Sunsets is the project of artist and electronic music producer Peter Segerstrom based in Brooklyn, US. He previously released his full-length album ‘Bless’ on Atomnation, an LP as ‘Surfing’ on 1080p and another Portable Sunsets LP on Deadelus’ Magical Property label. ‘Order’ is the follow up of these records and is a dreamy, somewhat lo-fi experimental techno LP.

Combined with an ancient ambient undertone, ‘Order’ is not loosing its club ready vibe. This record floats somewhere between laid-back warehouse techno and the electronica genres – very much representing a unique style: Peter often uses his own voice in his productions, programmed through self-created synths in MAX/MSP. Vocals have become textures and are used as a synth, pad or soundscape. The combination of genres makes ‘Order’ a perfect record to dream away on at home, as well as to dance to in clubs.

Out May 19th on a 2LP vinyl – order ‘Order’ at AtomNation

a1 Trust Fall
a2 Hyperstability
a3 Vega

b1 Cruise Control
b2 Tract
b3 Spree

c1 Time Freaks
c2 What Wave
c3 Native

d1 Semiformal
d2 Millionth
d3 Believe

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Supernova – Back In A Minute (Mathias Kaden’s Just In Time Remix)

Supernova – Back in a Minute (Mathias Kaden’s Just In Time Remix)
Supernova – Back in a Minute (Mathias Kaden’s Just In Time Remix)

Supernova, the Italian pair consisting of ‘Emijay’ Nencioni and Giacomo ‘G.O.D.I’ Godi are one of the constants in the international house music scene. They release on their own label ‘Lapsus Music‘ as well as big labels like Elrow Music, 8bit and Stereo Productions, and now prove why they’re at the top of their game once more.

Now they’re coming up with their new EP ‘Entitled The Game’.

Up first, ‘The Game’ is a rock solid roller with turbulent acid lines buried deep in the mix. Twinkling melodies rain down the face of it and the whole groove is bulky, heavy and hard to ignore. After various breakdowns it keeps on kicking and is sure to make a big impact on the floor. Then comes ‘Back in a Minute’ that makes things even more tough and kicking with some freaky vocals layered in for extra pow, while the ‘Club House Mix’ of the same track, is more loose and lively, with gooey and elastic bass driving the thing along uninterrupted for six sizzling minutes.

Vakant main man and Watergate star Mathias Kaden then remixes the same cut and flips it into a silky smooth house cut filled with energy.

Release Date: May 5th, 2017
Get more info at EG

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Jan Driver – Hoelzl

Mention his name to any clued up electronic music lover and they will tell you; Jan Driver is a certified legend. With a storied career spanning over 20 years the the techno overlord has remixed some of the biggest records from dance music history including works from Laurent Garnier, Armand Van Helden, Modeselektor, Siriusmo, 2Raumwohnung, Faithless, Blaze and Romanthony.

Now on Arms & Legs the ‘Ramses’ EP, with 4 nice tracks Jan Driver, taking house music out of its current funk by putting it back into the FUNK!

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DJ-Set: Dapayk – MFK Vibes

Producer since 1993, Live Act since 1996, studied Restoration of Wallpaintings, founder of Mo’s Ferry Prod. and beer sommelier –> Dapayk

1 Amyn „Lustrum”
2 Mobile Soul System „Puzzlement”
3 Coman „Cand noaptea”
4 Alisonn „Greylight”
5 Yefim Malko „Stability”
6 Benja Matus „Sol Jet”
7 Christian Burkhardt „Gin Tronic”
8 Johnny D. „Night Clubbing”
9 Patrick Rohm „Follow me”
10 Kitt Zenga „Components”
11 Pheek „Difference”
12 Mechanist „Kytoon”

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Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski – Reilstreet

Frozen, isolated from the outer world. The only source of food from the old world was an old rusty transporter owned by a vietnamese guy from a restaurant called “The Golden Turtle”, parked in a frosty backyard.
From time to time some Silverheight Gray Seals came by on which Ole and Martin could warm themselves up a little bit. But the times were hard.
In a special moment after inhaling some expanding foam came the idea to just follow the Gray Seals through the door which was open the whole goddamn time.
3 years were gone, the freedom so near, but their brains were frozen.
But all in all this had one good thing…
In the shimmering light of their playstation 1, while playing some tekken, sitting at their tiletable, between tubing tobacco and coffee whitener, they had this awesome idea for an homage for that long time and that special street they were living on for so long, the Reilstreet!

Label: Exploited Ghetto
Artist: Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski
Release: Reilstreet
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP21
Publisher: Exploited Ghetto Music Publishing

Beatport Release: 24.04.17
I-Tunes Release: 08.05.17

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DJ-Set: Phonique – Electronic Groove #628

Powerful DJ-Set by Berlin based Phonique. This guy is Berlin Techno.

For more Info check: Electronic Groove

1. Sepalot – Hard Rain feat. Angela Aux (DJ Hell Remix)
2. Claptone – Puppet Theatre (Superlover Remix)
3. Dirty Doering – Emma Wong
4. Kant – Syne
5. Phonique – Something Special feat. Ian Whitelaw (Phonique Club Remix)
6. Sam Shure – Tabil
7. Ron Flatter – Bohannan
8. Butch, C.Vogt – Bliss
9. Time (FR) – Not Alone
10. Junge Junge – Beautiful Girl feat. Kyle Pearce (Tim Green Remix)
11. Phonique – Something To Remember (Time (FR) Remix)

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Rodriguez Jr. – Baobab (Full Album Teaser)

Pre-Order “Baobab” here: Mobilee Records

Rodriguez Jr. returns to Mobilee with his evocative album Baobab. Resident Advisor named the French artist in their Best Live Acts of 2016, and in between his famed live shows, he has created a ten track masterpiece that elicits powerful emotions through music.

“Baobab is about roots. It has mainly been written whilst travelling and I needed to re-connect to my roots: the music I used to listen to as a teenager from South Of France, my first parties, this fantastic sense of freshness, enthusiasm and innocence. This is why I decided to call it Baobab: a big tree proud to grow up in a lush surrounding, with it’s roots deep in the floor”.

Rodriguez Jr. understands the importance of empty spaces. The purposeful silences in-between each track enable reflection on what you have just heard. Skillfully using sounds and effects, he creates a masterclass in emotive music.
Collaborating with Liset Alea, the singer and composer from Nouvelle Vague, whose vocals shine through on three of the tracks of Baobab as well as Rodriguez Jr’s own vocals on Heal Me, a track touching on the complexities of being human. Speaking about his collaboration with Liset, Olivier says, “the singer is a key part of this album as her voice is a link between different phases. The interaction in the studio has been extremely spontaneous and emotional”.
An Evidence Of Time opens the album with a heartbeat and steps into the intricacies of Olivier’s mind. “Wake me, shake me, in the middle of the night, surprise me out of a dream” Liset Alea sings with a vulnerability on Waste Tomorrow, a track that is like an awakening, ending as abruptly as it begins. Liset returns in Take A Walk, it’s prolonged introduction heavy in mood and punctured with piano keys.
Radian floats away with a range of cosmic sounds brimming with atmosphere and the enchanting Monticello ramps up the intensity. Liset makes her final appearance in The Heart Is A Woman, bringing richness and depth before the album concludes with the elaborate Ellipsism, and the anthemic Tomorrow Never Comes.


01. An Evidence Of Time
02. Heal Me
03. Baobab
04. Waste Tomorrow feat. Liset Alea
05. Take A Walk feat. Liset Alea
06. Radian
07. Monticello
08. The Heart Is A Woman feat. Liset Alea
09. Ellipsism
10. Tomorrow Never Comes

Release Date: 02 June 2017

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