Kollektiv Ost – Shanti (Original Mix)

Shanti originally comes from Sanskrit and means calm or peace. The two guys from Kollektiv Ost find this peace and quiet at the lakes and in the forests in their home in the Mecklenburg Lake District. This calm inspires her to tracks, which even the deeply calm native Mecklenburgers disenchant a benevolent smile, nod their heads and get their legs swinging. Exactly 10 years after the only vinyl release, shanti now appears in full glory on their own label.

Stream or buy here: https://ift.tt/3vHvde1

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My Secret Playground – Una Moneda Para Ti (Italo Brutalo Remix) – MFC0027

My Secret Playground releases the single ‘Una Moneda Para Ti’ featuring Cisco Pema, together with remix by Italo Brutalo.

The double single is available in all digital stores: https://ift.tt/344Z4lu

Musicvideo by Jara Lopez and Amnon (Nono) Bikovsky: https://youtu.be/e9OyhwxFtAE

Mix: Pier Ciaccio

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PREMIERE > Rafael Cerato – Swag (Bawrut Remix)[SINCOPAT]

The prolific artist Rafael Cerato lands on Sincopat with an energetic outstanding
EP that includes an avant-garde remix by Italian born but Spain based maestro
Swag it’s like a roller coaster ride that masterfully opens the EP, the Bawrut’s
remix brings it to a new level of conceptualism and space to enjoy, preferably to be
enjoyed with very loud speakers in a club.
The Magic continues the journey with a strong indie flavour and superb vocals.
Was not easy to select the order of the tracks on this release and Ritual it is
another good proof of that, pulsating percussive synths perfectly executed and a
great vocals by Thomas Gandey make of the track another bomb.
Rotor closes this timeless EP with a catchy melody that will be hard to get out of
your head once you listen.
1. Swag
2. Swag (Bawrut remix)
3. The Magic
4. Ritual feat. Thomas Gandey
5. Rotor

BUY HERE > https://ift.tt/3vvXuFw
SPOTIFY > https://ift.tt/3tejTW2

Catalogue NºSync93
Artwork by Junya Matsuyama
Beatport Exclusive 2 weeks
Distribution by Beatport / The Orchad
Published by Systematic Recordings GmbH
Master by Pobla – www.pobla.es
Label contact: Marc / Sincopat – info@sincopat.com


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PREMIERE: Niko Garcia — My Body (Bjorn Salvador Remix) [Nordic Voyage Recordings]

Buy on Beatport: https://bit.ly/3alKudh

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Rheinzand – Kills & Kisses (Red Axes Remix) – s0504

Belgian disco savants Rheinzand return with the second in a triptych of remix EPs. This one follows Obey Remixes, which came out Nov 6.

Kills & Kisses, the original track, comes off Rheinzand’s 2019 self-titled album and has been out as a single as well. The track was one of the more propulsive on the album with an almost micro-house sounding groove, driving down low, blossoming up top.

This bundle of remixes flow from that vein, expanding on the house angle of Rheinzand’s sound through the work of three fantastic artists.

Sicilian Musumeci aka Mauro di Martino tidies up the track and grooms that sweet, dreamy essence of the original into a timeless dance tune.

The Tel Aviv duo Red Axes’ deliver a more visceral take, stoking the bodily fires with deep, punchy bass and sharp staccato.

And last but not least, English-Japanese group Skylab deconstruct and almost perversely (in a good way) re-intensify the source material on a mesmeric trip to the chthonic planes of dance music.

The track also features as a special dub mix and instrumental version.

The EP is available in all digital stores: https://ift.tt/3ontTub

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