WALHTER & OliO – Get It (ft. Be.Lanuit & Santino Surfers) – s0730

WALTHER & OliO team up with guitarist Jonas Krag aka Santino Surfers for this genre-blending house cut. Grooves don’t come much fiercer than this one.

You can catch WALTHER behind the decks in Tulum for the current season.

‘Get It’ →https://ift.tt/vostRBP

Supported by Koda’s Cultural Funds and Musik Forlæggerne.

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Be Svendsen – Drifter

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„Ich spielte im Studio herum“, verrät @besvendsen. Dabei hatte er Spaß, die Grundlinie einer ziemlich berühmten Disco-Spur neu zu erstellen. “ Er möge es, Genres auseinanderzunehmen. „Deshalb war ich damals amüsiert, ein freches Banjo-Riff mit Rock-Trommeln und dieser Bass-Hook zu mischen“, gesteht der dänische Musiker. (…) „Ehrlich gesagt hatte ich nicht vor, diesen Track zu veröffentlichen, da er ein bisschen weit weg von dem ist, was ich heute tue.“ Aber @beatandpath, das Label, auf dem die Nummer mit einem Remix von @madmotormiquel erscheint, habe das Stück wirklich gefallen und wollte es rausbringen: „Also dachte ich mir: warum nicht?“ (…)

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What a journey this set was for me. A journey to love. A tender love, a lustful one. One full of passion and tenderness. One that is addressed to me. One that is a home for all of us. A love that lasts a lifetime, like that of my two wonderful friends as they celebrated their 25 year non-wedding anniversary on the day of the recording. A love that knows no barriers or boundaries, but blows them away effortlessly. A love that defies the storms, is strong and unshakably soft at its core. A love that can forgive, itself and others. A love that grows steadily because it is curious and compassionate.
And above all, a love that is unconditional.
May this infinite love rain down on you whenever you need it. May you live in the knowing that this love is within you. May it accompany you, guide you, inspire you.
You are full of wonder and capable of anything – just the way you are. I forget that very often, as perhaps we all do. Thank you to all those who tirelessly remind me. May we be shelter to each other.
I love you!

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Premiere: Niconé, Dirty Doering – Moonchild feat. Leonie Sky – KATERMUKKE

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Acid Pauli & MoM-Full Moon Faro Beach (August 2022)


dankie– faleminderit – shukran – Շնորհակալություն – hvala – благодаря – gràcies – M̀h’gōi
– hvala – děkuji – tak (tahg) – dank u
– tänan – kiitos – merci – danke – ευχαριστώ – mahalo – .
– dhanyavād – takk (tahk)– terima kasih
– grazie – arigatô – 감사합니다 – paldies – choukrane– ačiū – Благодарам – terima kasih – grazzi – Xièxiè – Баярлалаа – takk
– dziękuję – obrigado- mulţumesc – спасибо (spuh-SEE-buh) – xвала
– Ďakujem – hvala – gracias – nandri – kop khun – teşekkür ederim
– Дякую – a dank – ngiyabonga

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T-Puse & Menachem 26 – Agafay (Original Mix) ATCK035

Pre order here: https://ift.tt/56sBpYC

Coming all the way from Tel-Aviv via Istanbul, T-Puse and Menachem 26 join up for their inaugural drop on A Tribe Called Kotori with their lush and chugging collaborative debut, “Stav”. Blending in the swaying roll of classic Middle-Eastern folk with processed club artillery, the pair develop a sound that pays a honest and forward-pushing tribute to the area’s time-withstanding harmonics, throwing their all in casting a more modern light on secular musical tropes and reconfiguring them into vivid, EBM-oriented club material that lacks neither oomph nor soul, that is for sure.

Breaking the EP in, “Agafay” beckons us onto a hybrid pathway, astride tensile body workout wares and more oneiric-flavoured off-piste. As altered caravan rock riffs collide with snake charmers’ melodies, further emphasis is laid on the potent but nimble bass which coordinates the groove to correspondingly hypnotic effect. All in opaque contours and brooding trompe-l’oeil at first, “Stav” treats us to a myrrh-scented bouquet of 21st century-ready bazaar churn, switching over lithely from steel-clad sturdiness to silken oriental belly-dance sensuality, via hi-impact techno bites and graceful electro muscle. Geared up for total floor-sweeping action, T-Puse & Menachem’s maiden offering singles itself out as a precious DJ weapon, whether you opt for the opener’s quirky swagger or the lead-single’s eruptive voltage.

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bawab – Round the Clock (Original Mix)

Sometimes we stumble across artists where we know from the first note that they are a perfect match for our sound. One of these artists is @bawabmusic. That’s why we’re more than happy to release the new EP from the likeable, talented young man from Ventura, California today.

The result are 5 extremely groovy tracks, which are all different, but transport the same vibe. We are so enthusiastic about the tracks that we want to take this opportunity to announce that a remix EP will follow as well soon.

Finally, as always, we would like to thank our mastering engineer Haunted Water and our graphic designer Kilian Van De Water for the great work.

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