Blind Test // 2000s Techno – Episode 19 (Electronic Beats TV)

Blind Test // 2000s Techno – Episode 19 (Electronic Beats TV)
For the nineteenth edition of our blind test we travel back to the turn of the millennium, testing our contestant’s knowledge of some infamous Techno cuts released between 2000-2010.

Joining us is Berghain Techno stalwart and Figure founder, Len Faki, Dystopian boss Rødhåd, Russia-born, New York based Jujuka head Julia Govor, Tokyo’s titan of Dark Techno Risa Taniguchi, Studio wizard and Palette label boss John Tejada, and lastly Detroit’s Thomas Barnett, Producer of legendary Nude Photo track on Transmat in 1987.

Please note that this video is not filmed in real time. It’s edited to create some tension so that you in front of the screen can guess as well. It doesn’t say anything about how fast the participants recognised the track etc.

All contestants receive one point for both artist and title correct, but only half a point if they can only guess the artist or the title.

00:00 Intro
00:17 Round 1
01:26 Round 2
02:38 Round 3
04:00 Round 4
05:34 Round 5
07:15 Round 6
08:31 Round 7
09:45 Round 8
11:08 Round 9
12:23 Round 10
13:47 Score

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