El Nino Diablo – Shadow Dancer (Remixes)

Even though clubs have had to shut their doors for an indefinite period of time, the fire of dance music still burns wide and deep at Elninodiablo‘s ever funky lair as demonstrated by the ultra-sexy music video for ’Shadow Dancer’ (directed by Adam Munnings) bringing the immediacy and vibrancy of Berlin’s much missed nightlife onto your screens. You can now watch the video here

Newest in the release series is the smouldering hot centre-piece from the ’ShadowPlay EP‘, ’Shadow Dancer’, complemented by a choice pair of remixes courtesy of DFA mainstay Perel and former Faithless member, Queen Sudhara.

Presented in a slightly tightened, floor-optimised version tailored to enslave ravers through hypnotic loops and twists, the lead cut blazes a path of utter rhythmic devotion throughout, sure to leave wisps of vapour in its trail.
Previously known as the percussive heartbeat of electronic band Faithless, with whom she’s acquired a noteworthy reputation as a master of the drums, Sudha Kheterpal – alias Queen Sudhara – pulls out a mystique-imbued workout of a revamp, welding the finest of sturdily bassy house and Parrish-esque techno tropes with ayahuasca-induced visions that shall awaken your senses to new forms of holistic vibrancy and soul-to-soul communion.

Having released her anticipated debut album ‘Hermetica’ on DFA two years ago, plus an array of contributions to the well-furnished catalogues of Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant, Permanent Vacation and Dresden’s Uncanny Valley, NYC-based talent Perel clocks in with a magnetic comber of a rework, all arpeggiators blazing. Clearing the opaque, late- night haze enshrouding Elninodiablo’s original, Perel eases us in a distinctly luminous sonic realm where synths reign supreme – flaring, bouncing and swelling in endless tides as the groove revs up towards upper spheres of consciousness.

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