Balance Selections 025: Nico Stojan

Nico Stojan calls himself a global citizen, which is a very apt description for this Berlin-native who is known for his residency at the city’s infamous Bar 25. He has a lust and curiosity for life which translates into his music and DJ sets, making it hard for any punter to not engage in his performances or music. He is part of a very unique group of DJs who can be booked for the bigger festivals alongside the smaller outdoor events too, his sound very much suited for any occasion. His recent album ‘Twisted Manners’ showed his diversity with a selection of tracks that was organic and warm sounding, and really showcased his studio prowess. For his Balance Selections podcast Stojan has delivered one of the series’ more deeper excursions to date – and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate podcast number 25.

Interview and tracklist here:

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