Premiere: Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder – Deía (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) [Kiosk I.D.]

‘Sometimes you dream about being able to stroll from planet to planet. Waddling smoothly between interstellar places within minutes without working up a sweat.

These 3 versions of the track Deía do exactly this. And they do it with elegance and fleet-footedness. Even if all the tracks are quite different from each other, so they all circle around the same yellow glowing ball of light in the same solar system. They share the warmth of a fervent sun-soaked afternoon. An afternoon perfect to discover stars and explore little adventures.

The original track from Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder takes its time before it puts you in your space suit. It guides you into your journey with a cautious hand, letting the engine reverberate at just the right time. It doesn’t matter if we’re ascending or descending through the atmosphere, we’re on the move.

Ruede Hagelstein also takes his time. First, he sends us a postcard with the most beautiful description of his home planet. Later, he begins to fill us in on all the details of its origins and history. All this he does with the guiding hand of a perfectly experienced travel guide who loves nothing more than to share these little secrets and stories with you.

AVEM, in turn, picks us up with his planet cruiser – an old family heirloom – which he has devotedly maintained for years. The sound aboard prepares for the slightly wonky sunrises in his homeland. He points out of the cockpit with bright eyes and whistles ‘Deía – oh, Deía – we are coming! “’

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