HMWL Premiere: Onur Diner – Anadol (Benoir Rmx)

Today we have a lovely premiere for the amazing people at @hugrecords.
Hug Records is a social music label based in a formerly abandoned village in the Serra da Estrela Mountain range in Portugal. They are currently building up the infrastructure for a music residency program here and will launch in 2023. With our music we provide pleasure hugs to your ears and financial hugs to social projects.

50% of our profit is donated to our social partner @love-foundation and the other 50% are divided equally between Hug Records and the artists. For more information on Love Foundation check and on Hug Records

Original Artist: @onur-diner1
Remix Artist: @benoir
Mastering: @niju-1
Cover Art: Oziel Gomez
Label: @hugrecords

As always Hug Records introduce the artist behind the music with three questions about themself.

Who is your hero?
“My father, he was an ex-football player in 60’s-70’s and l always wanted to be like him when l was a child.”

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
“Somewhere there is no rush, may be l just prefer moto-caravan so l can visit everywhere and live wherever l want 🙂 but if l have to choose l guess it should be Spain.”

What was your favorite school subject?
“If you mean the lesson l liked the geometry especially triangles.”

For this EP we also have a very special cover with an Anadol car and a
special story 😉

Onur’s Anadol story:
“My uncle who passed away many years ago l think at 1991 anyway ; he had Anadol cars several times while l was a kid and l always dream about it especially the orange one and one day we were hanging out with Yigit at my studio he play this guitar melody and l said play again and record that guitar part and then make the track Anadol 🙂 the guitar melody is so Anatolian and that kind of melodies everytime reminds me my uncle car.”

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