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Last years released ‘Marimba’ by GHEIST receives a transformative treatment in the hands of the seasoned electronic wizard Robag Wruhme who always delivers something special. He recently remixed Dominik Eulberg, Matthew Herbert and Sven Vath and this time works his magic on ‘Marimba’. Taking the magical melody from the original and creating a dreamy atmosphere with stutter vocals and unique sounds drawing the listener into its enigmatic world. The original is skillfully manipulated, with Wruhme employing nuanced effects to create a sense of fluidity and dimension. The remix maintains a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity, allowing each layer to breathe and contribute to the overall auditory journey. Embrace yourself for Robag Wruhme’s ‘Dimona Negeff NB’ remix which stands out as a testament to artistic innovation. The remix skillfully balances intricate production techniques, rhythmic inventiveness, emotional depth, and spatial awareness. It’s a work of art that invites repeated exploration, revealing new nuances with each listen. Wruhme’s remix not only pays homage to the original but elevates it to a new level, solidifying its place as a standout piece in contemporary electronic music.

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