Geplantes Nichtstun – Schub [Heimlich]

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Having made a name for himself with a constant output of unique releases, Ber- nese artist Geplantes Nichtstun debuts on Heimlich with his „Illusion of Knowled- ge“ EP. Like a lonesome rider in the desert, the opening track „Schub“ combines dusty guitar sounds and detuned arpeggios, with subtle vocal snippets and orga- nic percussions adding a touch of saloon atmosphere. „Spagat“ is an aptly titled balancing act between playful lead sounds and wind players adding an extra layer to the arrangement. Led by the extraordinary vocals of Christine, building upon a foundation of powerful but clear drum sounds and a predominant bass- line „Remember Me“ is an energetic banger. Berlin-based Santi & Tugce trans- form „Schub“ into an emotional hymn by adding drum recordings as well as an arpeggio line as the center of attention, putting the original‘s guitar samples to creative use. Up-and-coming Überhaupt & Außerdem keep up the vibe of the ori- ginal in their interpretation of „Schub“ while replacing the bassline to add some extra power. „The Illusion of Knowledge“ is a diverse EP, leaving you with the sub- tle and strangely satisfying feeling that you might have heard everything there is you need to know for now.

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