Dancehall Fusion #13: Uproot Andy

Dancehall Fusion mix 13 this time with Brooklyn-based notorious DJ and producer Uproot Andy. We first came across Andy’s work through his Red Bull Radio show Bien Buena, alongside Riobamba. Currently member of the Canada-based Moonshine collective, Uproot Andy has been a staple music activist in the scene for over a decade.

Freshly back from a tour in Colombia, he managed to deliver a special condensed selection of dancehall-(up)rooted tracks, in anticipation to his set at La Gravière. In this mix, he explores different and lesser known styles of dancehall in different languages to examine how early reggaeton has criss-crossed with afrobeats, and reggae to produce original new sounds in places like Kenya, Martinique and Mauritius.

Get ready for an outernational journey exposing the worldwide influences of dancehall!

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