Chris Liebing – HOW I MET THE BASS #219

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Q: Let’s talk about your mix. Why did you choose these tracks?

A: Because in the old days they made me realize the importance of bass and what kind of mood it can create. Because it also made me understand how important low frequencies are for our mood. They meant a lot to me back in the days and still mean a lot to me nowadays.

Q: How have you experienced the pandemic over the past two years and how do you reflect this period today?

A: That was a break that none of us DJs would ever have done for fun. Since it was forced, I practiced acceptance and tried to make the best of it. I was recovering from traveling and doing streams because I wanted to keep DJing. I thought to myself: Before I do this alone at home, people can also experience it. That’s why I prefer to hang up a few cameras and let them participate. I did a lot of music production and studio work and used the time to check my status quo. During this phase, I also decided to move away from Germany, which probably wouldn’t have happened so quickly without the pandemic. Anyway, I can say that since the pandemic is over and we’re back on tour, I’m enjoying my job and techno almost even more than I ever have before. So this break did something good for me.

Q: What projects are you working on right now and what’s coming up?

A: I re-started my label CLR and I’m currently working on a lot of remixes and own productions that will be out soon. And I have a collaboration going on that I don’t want to say anything about just yet, but it’s something to look forward to. I’m also working on new material for Mute, for example another EP that will follow my “Another Day” album. In 2023 I’ll be working on a new album again.

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