Berlin Mixtapes – Dachshund – Episode 062

Interview here:

We continue strongly into 2024 with an artist we have loved for quite some time here at Berlin-Brighton towers. We are very excited to to have been able to catch up with Dachshund who has also delivered an exquisite selection of vibes as part of his guest mix.

Being a rather prolific producer, Dachshund has released tracks on various imprints such as Bar 25 Music, Highgrade, 8Bit, Gruuv, Upon You, Rebellion to name a few and also made some remixes on labels like Noir Music, Systematic, Kling Klong, and many more.

Based on an open approach and a taste for what is unpretentious yet complex, his musical preference is for groovy music crafted under the influence of emotions, not fashion. His incredible and lengthy discography tells you everything you need to know.

We caught up with Dachshund to find out more about his reggae and D’n’B roots plus his upcoming releases.

Santiago Salazar – Motomachi Hustle
Dachshund – Hidden Echoes – Poker Flat Recordings
Jamahr – Once Upon A Time – Politics Of Dancing
Markus Homm – Columbian Blue – Bondage Music
Jonathan Kaspar – Villose – These Eyes
Colin Dale – Charon Dawn – When Disco Goes Wrong
Dachshund – Lust – Poker Flat Recordings
Frink – Kalerg – Sublease Music
Dachshund – Cozy Mess – Poker Flat Recordings
Steve Bug – Crazy Bush – B Series
Granary 12 – Acid Movement – Balkan Recordings
Honey Dijon, Louie Vega – Feel So Right (feat. Honey Dijon) (DJ Deep Remix) – Nervous
Pornbugs – Cielos (Dachshund Remix) – Bondage Music
Steve Bug – Trees And Clouds – Bondage Music
Daphni – Cloudy (Kelbin_Remix) – Jiaolong

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