Applescal – Cymbals Rush – new album “Diamond Skies” out May 29

Pascal Terstappen is set to release his sixth studio album as @applescal, titled Diamond Skies. The nine-tracker is released on May 29 through his own label Atomnation.

Diamond Skies can be seen as the follow-up of 2013’s Dreaming In Key LP, the album that laid the foundation for the Atomnation universe that Terstappen has cultivated over the past eight years. This new album sounds lush, colorful and energetic. It features tracks that meander through ambient and melodic house genres, occasionally surprising the listener with a lost breakbeat.

The variety in melodies, soundscapes, and emotion clearly leaves enough room in the dreamworld of Applescal’s music. The album sounds free and brings back a certain mystery to dance music, which in today’s world can sometimes feel grey and designed for utility in big rooms. Applescal shows the very opposite on Diamond Skies, and exemplifies the vibrant, introspective Atomnation sound.

Diamond Skies was recorded in 2019 and early 2020. The last bits were finished in the early days of March, during disturbed times. We chose to announce the album as soon as possible as we felt it had to be released in the very now. To set an example for creative optimism. To come up with something to look forward to. To do what we always do.

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