PREMIERE : Tim Engelhardt – Attached (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)[Stil Vor Talent]

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PREMIERE : Tim Engelhardt – Attached (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)[Stil Vor Talent]

SVT291 – Tim Engelhardt – Idiosynkrasia Remixed
1. Tim Engelhardt – Attached (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
2. Tim Engelhardt – Idiosynkrasia (Andhim Remix)
3. Tim Engelhardt feat. Hannah Noelle – Touch the Sky (Sam Shure Remix)




Tim Engelhardt’s 2020 album ‘Idiosynkrasia’ felt cinematic in form and orchestral in structure, catalysing deep breaths, reflection and a different way of thinking by way of its genre-bending narrative. Now, some of the long-players most precious and tender moments get reinterpreted by a stellar cast of artists, no doubt with the intimate physicality of dancing bodies in mind. The result is a killer package of three versatile cuts that, while each setting a contrast to their source material, amplify different sides of a feeling Tim’s work naturally encapsulated – the flow-state.

Melodic luminary Rodriguez Jr. reimagines the album’s introspective opener ‘Attached’ as a progressive masterclass of deeply engulfing bass, gently cascading synths and hopeful piano variations, showcasing his one-of-a-kind grasp of subtle euphoria. In andhim’s hands, the title-track ‘Idiosynkrasia’ then gets the b-boy treatment as the duo beef-up the original’s breakbeat-driven lowend and flip Tim’s idiosyncratic melodies on their head by adding a healthy dose of funk. Last but not least, Sam Shure strips ‘Touch the Sky’ of its organic feel, expertly rethreading Hannah Noelle’s stunning vocals into a pressure-cooker of a club track.

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