Frau Blau Radio #009 ─ Re.You

Achieving and maintaining a consistently high level of success within underground electronic music is an impressive feature. In fact, it’s rare to find an artist who has managed to stay relevant as so many trends rapidly come and go in this scene. Marius Maier, aka Re.You, is one such artist, a producer and DJ who has transcended what’s ‘hot’ to carve out his own pathway, picking up a dedicated fanbase and worldwide bookings in the process. As well as being a renowned producer since 2009, Maier also runs his own label, Younion, to support music made by his talented circle of producer friends. With a career spanning over a decade, Re.You’s passion for his craft remains at an all-time high and he is poised to embark on the next exciting chapter of his life’s work…

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Rampa vs &ME – Mayan Warrior – Virtual Burning Man 2020

As key figures of one of the hottest labels Keine Musik, these two need no introduction.
Close your eyes and buckle up for an eclectic musical journey conducted by Rampa and &ME

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IG: @rampa_keinemusik

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IG: @andmeandyou

Cover Design by Alvaro Manzo

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We Are The People Of The Night #002 ─ Andhim

Andhim are a German DJ and producer duo consisting of Simon Haehnel & Tobias Müller. Since their founding year 2010, they have published over 60 songs and remixes. They have worked with artists such as Theophilus London, Diplo, Högni Egilson, Groove Armada and Elderbrook and made it to number 31 on the German Single Charts with their remix for Wine & Chocolates.

The two describe their sound as “super house” – their very own definition of electronic music that, whether melodic or deep, always bears the typical andhim fingerprint. In addition to the musical component, the two have placed great emphasis on a strong visual concept in their representation as an artist, which is reflected in countless music videos. They always present themselves with a wink, without sabotaging the seriousness of their art.
With over 100 international shows annually and residencies in New York, Los Angeles, London and Melbourne, they are among the most successful DJ duos in the scene.

More Info ─ @andhim

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Ilias Katelanos : Good Morning from Athens

Our ‘Good Morning from …’ Guest Mix series will explore different artists from all around the world as they take us on a journey with their distinct and unique sounds that they’ll showcase to represent their taste, surroundings and upbringing.

For only the second time in our journey around the world, we’re returning to one of the most historically rich regions on the planet, where holding a plethora of mythical and cultural baggage is commonplace.

With its ancient glory, urban grit and coastal glamour, every inch of Athens tells a story, and our latest Guest Mix Artist isn’t short of a few tales too. Ilias Katelanos has amassed years of storytelling experience in the form of his beautiful music, and today we sit down with him to listen to his latest musical adventure.

After welcoming Ilias to our debut release, our Seasons Vol. 1 – Summer VA, we felt compelled to welcome this seasoned DJ and Producer to our Good Morning Series. But today, we’re walking through the ancient city of Athens, taking in the Byzantine churches tucked among the tightly knit apartment buildings, whilst the Parthenon looms into view around every corner… Good Morning from Athens.


– Ilias Katelanos –


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