Jan Oberlaender – HOW I MET THE BASS #19

we just love this guy – wicked dj set with that pinch of circus


Q) While listening to your podcast I realize that there are so many influences inside your music nowadays. Is that true?

A) It´s funny when you think you are up to date with fresh music by just downloading new tracks every week. But when I selected music for this podcast I just realized that I love the same special elements in tracks all the years yet. It´s running like a thread through all the time. Of course my CD library was huge and there were so many tracks inside which just made me shake my head and say “Oh what the hell is this?”. Well, my intention was to mix only tracks which will also work in a club or a festival nowadays, so the tracks have to be a bit more timeless. To be honest it was really difficult for me to do such a classic mix. Meanwhile I thought about to give up and mix a podcast with new tracks only but finally I´m happy that I made it.

Q) What´s your favorite festival in Europe and why is it so special?

A) My most favorite one is the Garbicz Festival. I really like it so much because it´s not that big and not too small. The area with the sea is amazing and there are so many friends around that you can´t even go 5 steps without talking. Also the music is completely my kind of music and it´s not that often to find a festival with excellent food.

Q) Which releases are coming next?

A) Well mixing this podcast needed some days so now I concentrate producing a 2 track EP which will be released on Heinz Music and I hope to finish that in June or July. Yes, I´m quite slow in producing…

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Jan Oberlaender – Automatic

Die aufregendsten und spannensten Livesets kommen unser Meinung nach im Moment von Jan Oberlaender. Der Mann hat genau die ausreichende Menge Durchgeknalltheit, die man bei den Neohippies von Katermukke wohl braucht, um in die SaSoMo-Truppe aufgenommen zu werden. Kurzum wir feiern den Jungen. Richtig rund wird das aber erst, wenn so einer ins Studio marschiert und dann so eine Nummer wie ‘Automatic’ abliefert. Daft Punk – Technologic lässt grüßen und die Nummer marschiert dermaßen ab, dass Auf- und Abspringen zur Pflichtübung und fröhliches Lächeln zu Kür wird. Wir sagen großes Potential für Jan Oberlaender voraus. Und bis zum Release am 11.02.2015 solltet Ihr Euch die Sets des Typen geben.

Jan Oberlaender – Automatic from Jan Oberlaender on Vimeo.

noch einen Zacken schärfer dann der Schlepp Geist remix

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