Free Slice – Boban the Spy

He was slick and he was sophisticated. Weaving his way through lazers and sliding beneath closing steel walls, all he ever wanted was to play his majestic flugelhorn that the music industry stole from him and kept hidden away in a labyrinth of the coast of the Black Sea. Victorious he reigned, snatching the horn from its easily decoded encasing and ascending through the roof while attached to a perfectly timed rescue helicopter. Only one man would go to such great lengths to play this melody – and that man was Boban.

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The Black 80s – What You Say Now (Till von Sein & Tigerskin Remix)

The Black 80s Remixes
The Black 80s Remixes


Montreal duo The Black 80s, Hollis P. Monroe and Singer Overnitemusic. They make sultry, sleazy house/electronica for dancefloors and home stereos, a little in the vein of Art Department and AZARI & III. Sonar Kollektiv recently release their debut album ‘Heart To Art’, and this 808-electro banger remix from Till von Sein + Tigerskin is taken from the new ‘Remixes’ EP.

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Michael Mayer – Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen (with Barnt)

Michael MAyer - &
Michael MAyer – &

Michael Mayer – ‘&’
Out 28th October 2016 on !K7

Michael Mayer is the true definition of a taste-maker. His work as a producer, a DJ, and a curator via his label Kompakt, speaks for itself. Mayer’s recording career spans four albums, 23 EP’s, nearly 170 remixes and the legendary DJ mixes for fabric and Immer. ‘&’ is his third full-length, a passionate and personal album that speaks as broadly as his DJ sets – embracing his genre-busting love for music, rhythm and atmosphere – and the dancefloor in front of him.

‘&’ – the title says it all; Michael Mayer collaborated for every track on the album. The list of contributors is quite impressive, including Roman Flügel, Prins Thomas, Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires among many others. Mayer is adamant that the collaborations came about because of a shared musical vision and personal connection rather an effort to stack the lineup. ““All of those involved are good friends of mine and not random choices selected from someTop 100 list,” he says. “These people mean a lot to me – and by that the music we produced together is heart driven and emotionally powered.”

An album highlight is ‘Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen’, built around a vocal sample from a long lost East German band Stern Meissen. “I bought the record because I thought the cover was interesting. Then I heard this one line that fit perfectly to this idea of mine,” says Mayer. “Barnt was the only candidate to make this idea come to life. The trick was to bridge something that sounds sincere and deep with a delicate balance of craziness”. The outcome breathes a groovy spookiness, likened to the Giallo works of Dario Argento, where the borders between reality and fiction are not clear.

For more info:
More Info at K7! Records

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Do the Harlem Shake – Video Collection

Einfach nur, weil wir das gerade unglaulich feiern. SchleckySilberstein hat darauf aufmerksam gemacht und die Sache scheint sie, ganz internet-like, unglaublich schnell zu entwickeln. Jetzt machen sie da drüben bei den Werbern sogar schon einen Contest inklusive Gewinn. Wir sind gespannt.

noch mehr Harlem Shake Videos

Die Norweger haben die Messlatte mal richtig weit hoch gesetzt. Soldaten … also bitte.

die hier machen es mal richtig groß

natürlich gibts schon einen Harlem Shake Blog, haben wir fast übersehen:

Das vermeitliche Original Version 1

Die erste Adaption

Harlem Shake Office Version

Harlem Shake – Firefighter Edition

Harlem Shake – Skateboard Manufacture Edition

College Humor Edition

Ein weiteres Office

Auch die Peanuts machen beim Harlem Shake mit

Am Front Desk wird geshaked

.. und die Norweger setzen noch einen drauf

natürlich machen sie beim Radio mit

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SOTD: Boris Brejcha – Farbenfrohe Stadt

Boris Brejcha wird alt, heißt es in allen Ecken. Auch wir können uns nicht erklären wie so eine Scheibe mit dem Titel “Farbenfrohe Stadt” ausgerechnet von ihm kommen kann. Ausser vielleicht mit finanzielle Beweggründen und der Hoffnung ein paar Sprossen in den Dancefloorchats zu erklimmen. Olle Koletzki hats ja vor gemacht und die Kommentare bei Soundcloud scheinen dem auch recht zu geben.
Wir sagen lass das Boris und gut ist

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