Matt John – She´s Durch (Super Flu´s Stormy Road)

out of the Super Flu EP “Re:Dings” the Remix of Matt John – She’s Durch (She’s done).

What the Label has to say:

Pack your bags, grab your passport: Monaberry misters Super Flu have booked us seats on the Remix Express… And they’re first class. Just in case swathing through the mind-melting sonic swamp they call album writing, keeping up with the creative demands of running a label and the constant twists on the global DJ merry-go-round wasn’t quite enough… Super Flu have also curated this summer’s essential version excursion. You’d be wise to check-in… First we hit ‘Not Again’ where the deliciously treacle-like textures and slow-motion techno soul of emerging Bristol live act The Crisis Project are galvanised in precious metals. Shiny, smooth, unblemished; there’s a timeless, boundary-less sheen that could befit any era, any genre; just awe-inspiring electronic music. ‘She’s Durch’, a hazy plough through a Fear & Loathing-style sandstorm of ideas and emotions, the Halleian duo flip Berliner Matt John’s 25 poetic cosmic opus into a seven-minute aerodynamic odyssey that shrouds with poignancy. Lekker. Finally we experience the biggest trip of the adventure… Taking the 1998 cult German hip-hop classic by 5 Sterne Deluxe ‘Schund’ and completely rebuilding it into an absolute emotional whirlwind, it’s a breath-taking composition that will truly elevate and soften the toughest of crowds. With chem-trails of the vocal permeating through the gaps, this is beyond any standard understanding of remix conventions. The same can be said for each of these re-constructions: Three clear cases where the remix has been chosen simply because the artists love the music, know how to harness its strengths and feel they can add to its story with their own re-interpretation, respect and references. Remix trips as thoughtful as this are hard to find. Ready for take off?

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Karin Park & Pandora Drive – Hurricane

Die Schweden wieder. Karin Park, die schwedische Eva Padberg, macht jetzt neben ihrer Model-, Schauspieler-, Künsterl- und Vermutlich auch Weltretterkarriere auch noch Deephouse. Regelmäßigen Lesern dürfte dämmern, dass es nicht zwangsläufig unser Sound ist. Aber die Remixe von Booka Shade, Maya Jane Coles und Barber habens dann doch in sich. Stark verdichtet geht die eigentlich Pop-Nummer locker als Dancefloorrolle durch. Grammy Gewinner hin oder her, der Sound ist sex pur. Da macht das dünne Stimmchen auch nix, einfach laut drehen und Augen zu. Und wem das zuw enig ist, der kann Karin Park beim diesjährigen Eurovision Song Contest für Norwegen antreten sehen. Soviel Ausverkauf war noch nie bei uns.

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