Piek with Fábel – Despertar

Piek 'Despertar' feat. Fabel
Piek ‘Despertar’ feat. Fabel

They say:
Unafraid we can attest “Despertar” is one of the most intriguing and beautiful albums to emerge from the Spanish’s electronic music scene in 2017. A celebrated debut by the Elizondo (Pamplona) based artist Piek, one of a kind emerged from the most versatile musical scene, not in vain he creates inspired by the magic of great names such as Sigur Ros, Moderat or Bonobo.
“Despertar” is the title chosen for the debut LP of this producer and dedicated music lover from Pamplona. One of a kind due to his versatility exploring into skittering beats and a magnetic electronic music. On the album no two tracks are wholly similar; each have their own distinguishing features and incredible songwriting. Are you awake for a unique journey into synth soundtracks, contemporary soul music, futuristic hip-hop rhymes and floating beats? One of the virtues contained in this album is when the artist builds his songs around guest vocals, adding a unique panache but also sacrificing total control. When Piek identifies and aligns his instrumental aesthetic with the emotive output of his guests – Ria, Ryan Roush, Cheney, Kash, Hokhok, Zebulon and Jim Hast- the results are just amplifying and electrifying. “Despertar” contains also an audible gold featuring by the music-composer Fabel and a Tony Phillips poem.

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SOTD: Piek – Das Madchen (Markus Homm Remix)

Irgendwo zwischen 80s und Italo Disco könnte man versucht sein den Homm Remix von Pieks “Das Madchen” (ja ohne ä) zu verorten. Durchgefiltert dudeln die Synthies vor sich hin, die HiHats ticken fröhlich im Takt und alles bleibt sauber an der Oberfläche. Irgendwie öde und dann doch wieder nett. Unschlüssigkeit macht sich breit. Auf jeden Fall ist der Remix um Längen besser als das viel zu trancige Original.

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