PREMIERE : Birālō – Truth Serum [Orientaldeep]

Release: ISHTAR II
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Orientaldeep
Cat-No: ODR004
Pre-order: December 26, 2021
Release Date: January 10, 2022

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As many of you may know loving and caring for one another is something we stand by and is something much needed in these trying times. If this year has been hard on anyone it is those who unfortunately became a refugee. That is why we have decided to support those in need. Because there is very little we can individually do, our common goal is to raise money for various charities, so they can do the work we can not.
Because music has the ability to cheer up, heal and connect those who listen to it, it is music through which we hope to help. In the past year we have started collaborations with many artists. Every single one of them has made a masterpiece for us to put together into an album named “Ishtar”. This album is to celebrate the good things, heal and give hope to those who need it.

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@siaahmusic & @kiantek
@lev-tatarov & @sound_of_sinai

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SoundCloud: @orientaldeepevents

Master by: @branbg

Artwork by: @evanmars

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B.o.T : Good Morning from Tenerife

Our ‘Good Morning from …’ Guest Mix series will explore different artists from all around the world as they take us on a journey with their distinct and unique sounds that they’ll showcase to represent their taste, surroundings and upbringing.

For our next early morning story, we’re travelling to a sprinkling of islands off the coast of Africa, where volcanic sand meets the ocean and extraordinary beauty meets cultural diversity.

Exploring this magical island with us is @wearebeansontoast, and with their expertise in combining organic melodies and digital sounds, we’re excited to welcome them to our growing global family to share their tale.

Alongside them, we venture across this charming island and all of its beautiful landscapes on the way; from its lush forests and exotic fauna, to the desolate deserts and its spectacular coastline, there’s plenty to see on the way. Sip on your café barraquitto whilst taking in the sights and sounds… Good Morning from Tenerife


– B.o.T –

Soundcloud: @wearebeansontoast

EWBO Facebook :

EWBO Youtube :

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Picked Sound: LÜTT MATTEN – Neukoelln Tales – MixTape #007


Séptimo MixTape @Raicesdelmundo a cargo de nuestro Amigo @luetmatten, Productor Nacido en Alemania y parte del sello @KamaiMusic.

El pequeño Matti, creció en un pequeño pueblo cerca de la costa del Báltico, con su mirada siempre en los infinitos horizontes de las tierras agrícolas del norte de Alemania. Libre de prisas y tiempo, su set refleja agitación y calma en un verdadero viaje musical que nos invita recorrer el mundo, la tierra y el universo. Todo se mueve, todo es música, todo es armonía.


· · · · · · · · · L · Ü · T · T · · M · A · T · T · E · N · · · · · · · · ·

—- ENG —-


Seventh MixTape @Raicesdelmundo by our friend @luetmatten, Dj and Producer Born in Germany and part of the Berlin Label @KamaiMusic.

Little Matti, grew up in a small town near the Baltic coast, with his eyes always on the infinite horizons of the agricultural lands of northern Germany. Free of hurry and time, your set reflects
agitation and calm in a real musical journey that invites us to travel the world, the earth, and the universe. Everything moves, everything is music, everything is harmony.


· · · · · · · · · L · Ü · T · T · · M · A · T · T · E · N · · · · · · · · ·

Download for free on The Artist Union

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SOTD: Kukulkan Arrival – Lucky Firewall Podcast

Der Sonntags Song Of The Day ist in Wirklichkeit ein knap 30-minütiger Podcast der Jenaer Kapelle Kukulkans Arrival. Da wir ja große Fans von Feindrehstar sind und live organic “Elektro”-Kapellen gern mit offenen Ohren begegnen, sollen die Jungs ruhig in unsere Beobachtungsliste kommen. Jazzy Parts tauschen sich ganz frech und fresh mit knallhartem 4/4 Schlagzeuggebrummel aus. Nichts für schwere Gemüteraber locker über den Tellerrand geschwoft, für alle, die sich trauen.

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