Mindfulness Episode 129

01. Ventt – Hidden Things (Original Mix) [Amulanga]
02. Lost Desert, Amand – Open Form feat. Reigan (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]
03. Marian (AR) – Life and Death (Original Mix) [Circle of Life]
04. Everything Counts – Shead (Original Mix) [Pipe & Pochet]
05. Valer den Bit – Lira (West & Hill Remix) [Depth]
06. Forma – Hollow (Santiago Garcia Remix) [MEIOSIS]
07. Mr. Blasé – Anangu Moon feat. Boskasie (Aaaron Remix) [Kunye]
08. Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray – Bade Zile (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
09. Cagdas Dumlupinar – Xanadu (Dub Mix) [Wired]
10. Sun-EL Musician – Mandinaye (feat. Ami Faku)

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Gabriel Ananda & Michael Walken – Peace Agreement

Hello Soulful Techno lovers I am UK based artist Michael Walken.

I first started getting into the minimal techno and electro from places like Germany properly around 2004/2005 I believe, Gabriel Ananda was incidentally one of the very first artists I remember really loving the sound of. I believe Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie was one of the first I heard. I had been moving through genres of dance music since being around 11 after hearing The Prodigy. But when I first heard Gabriel and this blend of minimalist techno and electro I immediately loved the playful hooks and upbeat melodies and electronic sounds. The techno I had heard before was mainly through big bands such as Underworld and The Prodigy but really got excited by this fresh upbeat melodic european sound.

So getting speaking to Gabriel last year, being one of my favourite and first techno artists I heard was very exciting. Gabriel liked the first track I sent, which spurred me on too make more. Firstly I had a middle eastern riff that I jammed which went on to be Peace In The Middle East. Definitely my finest solo work to date. I am no Bob Dylan but I always loved the protest song so Peace In The Middle East really just became a subtle protest song I suppose. I think it has drama and beauty, and the silence and undisturbed music that peace can bring in the interlude in the main breakdown.

The second track Peace Agreement leads on from Peace In The Middle East. Imagining there has been a long standing Peace Agreement which sticks. I was lucky enough and completely bowled over when Gabriel said he would collaborate on this track. I have had some great feedback in the past from some big names such as Hernan Cattaneo, SLAM, Orbital, BIllie Ray Martin but being able too actually throw ideas round and collaborate on the same track as someone of Gabriels calibre and a favourite artist of mine was a dream come true! This led to it being much deeper and warmer in its ambience with a much better structure and a track I will be immensely proud of.

Lastly I already had a very dreamy electronica folky track that I remixed for a friend J.Perkins which Gabriel liked the vibe of immediately. And in corona times I think some warm optimism like this would be welcome. I think it leads on nicely on the ep, starting with drama imagining peace and by the end in a warm daydream in an almost perfect world.

Thanks Gabriel and Soulful Techno for giving me the chance to showcase myself. I hope people enjoy!

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PREMIERE: Dole & Kom – Something Quiet (Original) [3000Grad]

3000Grad is approaching 100. Here’s two old friends to warm us up for this anniversary – two gentlemen who have been blowing up dancefloors on a weekendly basis since the last century already: Dole & Kom. On catalogue number 099 the two of them showcase their remarkable skill to merge the past, the present and the future into moments of uttermost bliss. How does that work? There’s the old magic of their warm, bouncy basses and the soft tickle of their hi hats, a magic that was already conjured up at ancient tribal dances. How masterfully this is done becomes clear when you realize that you can neither resist the catchiness of these three tracks nor explain it. Finally it all sounds very fresh and young thanks to it’s modern melodies and samples. By the way, you gotta take the title of this EP, Something Quiet, with a grain of salt – as deep, fluent and melodic as it might sound, it’s really tricky to keep your feet still when listening to it.

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Release Date: 21 May, 2021
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Balance Selections 163: Eric Lune

For more info: https://ift.tt/3bATtpB

Eric Lune is a Melbourne based producer with a passion for emotive dance music.
In the short space of a few years, he amassed an impressive string of releases on prestigious labels such as Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank, Sound Avenue, and Proton. Eric’s ability to write hit tracks is showcased in ‘Benji’ which exploded him on the scene in 2018. But it was 2019’s ‘Embers’ that took him to new heights, being touted as one of the biggest progressive house tracks of that year.
With constant plays from industry elites such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Eelke Kleijn & more, there’s no doubt Eric has cemented his place in a new emerging era of progressive house producers & DJs.

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Blanka Mazimela Feat. Korus & Sobantwana – Gcwanini (MoBlack Remix) (Snippet)


Get Physical revisit their Africa Gets Physical compilation this March as they invite MoBlack to remix Blanka Mazimela’s track ‘Gcwanini’.

Last year saw the arrival of Get Physical’s third edition to their much loved ‘Africa Gets Physical’ series. One of the essential tracks was from album compiler Blanka Mazimela, which saw the rising South-African talent collaborate with Korus and Sobantwana on this incredible afrobeat offering, backed by a stunning official music video set in his home town of Cape-Town.

The remixer, MoBlack, is a globally renowned DJ and producer within the electronic music scene. He has remixed the work of Cameplhat and Girls of the Internet, whilst gaining support from Black Coffee, Solomun and BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong.

MoBlack’s interpretation is a deep and harmonising affair with an understated musicality providing the perfect soundbed for the original’s dynamic and flawless vocals. Tender chords, uplifting atmospheres and vibrant percussion play together below the surface as soaring pads combine with bubbling basslines on this hypnotic journey.


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PREMIERE: Niko Garcia — My Body (Bjorn Salvador Remix) [Nordic Voyage Recordings]

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