Marc DePulse – exe.cute (Preview)

The first „Four To The Floor“ of the new decade is on the horizon.
FTTF Edition 17 starts with the track “Rotweinfleck” by Diynamic founder Solomun and it’s a dramatic dancefloor play. Excited percussions lead the way; then suddenly, the main piano theme strikes a chord, shy at first, but in an ever-growing crescendo, until it culminates and unloads its weight like thunder.
Next up is “You Must Understand”, a dark and dizzy grave wave influenced track by Atlanta-native Sejva that sounds like a sinister medieval ritual with monks chanting their hypnotic mantra to brand it into your mind.
Track no. 3 titled “exe.cute” by Marc DePulse is a futuristic melodic Techno tune with a dirty bassline, pairing space-age synthesizer sounds with retro guitar lick aesthetics.
And closing off, gizA djs return to FTTF with the 80s Italo Disco influenced, euphoric dancefloor anthem titled “Dolce”.

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Picked Sound: Marc DePulse | Alle Tanzen Podcast #7

Podcast Nummer 7!

Der Juli Podcast kommt in diesem Jahr von niemand geringerem als Marc DePulse. Seine Projekte verflogen wir nun schon seit mehreren Jahren und freuen uns wirklich sehr ihn für unsere Podcast-Reihe gewonnen zu haben.

Aber hört uns begeistert euch selbst. <3

Marc DePulse

Eva Beauvoir

Download for free on The Artist Union

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Oliver Schories – Artik (Marc DePulse Edition)

Sounds like the Hamburg producer Oliver Schories shifts his style away from that kinky flowerpower top40 dishwasher sound to some serious electronic music. Thankfully remixed by Mar DePulse we’re getting into something here.Marc adds needle-like drum transients, stripped back tech drums and a curvy bassline that brings the club to your ears.

The Atapy Edition of Schories’ Artic track is also worth a listen

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