MM Podcast 130 – Rawley

**** Oh baby – we like it raaaawww*****
Housig – groovy – danceverstrahlt – eben Rawley wird’s heute mit dem oberfordimablen Kevin Kaiser based in Leipzig.
Ein absolut soundbewegter Leichtlebemann, mehr erfahrt ihr wie immer im Interview auf:

Guckt ihr hier auch:

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Robosonic @ Beirut (CU-NXT-SAT)

Mr BerlinKreuzBergInstitut Himself in Beirut. Robosonic smashed it.

what they say:

“habibis intercontinental! we played a few hours right at the beach outside of Beirut, Lebanon for CU NXT SAT…this was the first gig we played together after ‘living apart together’ in L.A. and Berlin for more than 6 months…
we arrived on different planes on different days, didn’t have much time to talk, just quickly hugged, ate a ton of fish and agreed on smashing that lovely place for a couple of hours – everything on the fly. glad we taped it, because it captured the sound & journey of @robosonic in 2016.
everything feels new and different, but exciting. mutual gigs with both of us won’t happen so often as you can see. but we hope you guys keep it real with us, as we’ve been holding it down – against all odds…1L. C:”

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