Picked Sound: LIVE on fusion

liveset i played monday morning on bachstelzen. i changed some things and cut some things to improve listening comfort. thank you to all the beautiful souls who danced like a horde of wild apes after so many days of fusion <3 special thanks to my brother @aaronahrends for the brilliant mastering

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Picked Sound: Tadoh @ Fusion Festival 2019

Recording of my Fusion set, played at the Kinderspace on Thursday between 15-17.

I had feared that some technical problems had corrupted the recording, but luckily it turns out that the crackling was only in the speakers and not on the recording itself. Phew!
If you were there: thanks for being there. If you were not: hope you’ll enjoy this.

Thanks to the Kinderspace and the Solar Soundsystem crews for inviting me again, to everyone who made yet another Fusion so special and unforgettable, and to the artists who trusted me with some of their unreleased materials for this.

<3 Nicola

Download for free on The Artist Union

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Picked Sound: Marcotix @ Fusion 2019, Bachstelzen Floor (Sat 2am), Germany 2019

Thank you Fusion Festival and Bachstelzen crew for an amazing set at an amazing time slot (2am-4am) on day 3 of the festival. One of the best years yet. If you were there please enjoy reliving the experience with this recording straight from the desk. And if you weren’t i hope the music can give you a hint of the magic that was happening there that night. Enjoy!!!

CAUTION!!!: May Open Your Mind


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