EXCLUSIVE: Bostro Pesopeo – Meti [Permanent Vacation]

Exclusive Bostro Pesopeo ‘Meti’

After six years Bostro Pesopeo is back with an entire EP on his mothership label Permanent Vacation and marks the label’s 2020 kick off. ‘Meti’, the ominous four tracker and the follow up of the artist’s two remixes for Tom Bioly’s album ‘Night Heat’, which were out in September 2019 on Permanent Vacation, takes a deep, melodically and emotionally influenced turn and impresses the audience due to merging organic and artificial sounds and its details. ‘Meti’, the EP’s title track, opens a melodic melancholic cosmos in a rather housey yet forwardly surging manner and affects the listener at an emotional level as the chords transport the track’s melancholia like arteries oxygenated blood.

Bostro Pesopeo’s EP ‘Meti’ will be released on Permanent Vacation on January 17th, 2020.

Buy the EP
Beatport: https://ift.tt/3a3O5dT
Red Eye: https://ift.tt/2ToxHhW

Artist & label information
Bostro Pesopeo: https://ift.tt/35Usz81 // @bostro-pesopeo // https://ift.tt/3abCc5G
Permanent Vacation: https://ift.tt/2LYqePi // @permvac // https://ift.tt/2MXYHjR

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Picked Sound: Premiere: Pete Cannon ‘Crisp Biscuit’

@pete-cannon’s raucous jungle beats have won him many admirers, included Aphex Twin who’s been unleashing Pete’s tune in sets to mind-blowing effect. His latest release a two-track EP on his N4 Records imprint backed with ‘Crisp Biscuit’, which propels through pacey percussion, yelping vocal chops and head-spinning melodies.

Order it via Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2QKZLZJ

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Raxon – Elevate (AFFKT Remix)

AFFKT, who has been a driving force behind a colorful & empowering sound that is refined by his drive for perfection.

Once described as a “Son Of A Thousand Sounds”, AFFKT has evolved his career to a place surpassing expectation and enjoying much praise from his peers. Cutting through the ranks, his path has retained an essence of those who have influenced him, he now sits shoulder to shoulder in skill & presence. Serving electronica crossover masterpieces via imprints like Suara, and his very own Sincopat, and expressing versatility digging deep, delivering heart-stopping, engaging techno on the likes of Kling Klong< Bedrock, Mobilee & Noir Music, AFFKT has committed himself to a life of synthesis. Today's exclusive premiere, AFFKT’s remix of Raxon's 'Elevate', has much of the originals energy and dancefloor focus. Replacing the pad with a delicate melody part, the remix takes focus on the menacing lead synth that is prominent throughout the tracks groove. Despite having uplifting elements, the euphoria in this version makes way for a new twist and alternative style. "Formulate" is available 2 September on Sincopat

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