Elliot Moriarty – Don’t Let This End (Soul Of Zoo Remix)

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Plaisirs Sonores Records, the vanguard of underground melodic music, proudly unveils the ‘Don’t Let This End EP’ by Elliot Moriarty.

The exquisite release, featuring three original tracks and two remixes, captures the essence of Moriarty’s sonic journey.

The EP kicks off with ‘Don’t Let This End,’ a beautifully crafted track that blends organic house vibes with enchanting melodies, setting the stage for an immersive musical experience.

‘Instant Times’ follows, a masterpiece that resonates with organic warmth and melodic richness, epitomizing Moriarty’s distinctive style.

‘The Shores of Cala Codolar’ concludes the original trio, adding layers of intricate soundscapes, creating a sonic tapestry that unfolds with each beat.

Complementing these originals are two remixes that add new dimensions to the EP.

Jiminy Hop’s remix of ‘The Shores of Cala Codolar’ introduces a progressive touch, while the ‘Don’t Let This End’ remix by Soul Of Zoo injects a groovy deep house flavor.

Mastering by Calyx
Artwork by Antoine Jeraj

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