Dj Jauche – April 2024 – Montragsgruß Podcast

i made a Dj Mix for the lovely People of “Montagsgruss Podcast”
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Diese Woche freut es mich sehr, dass wir DJ Jauche für unseren Montagsgruss gewinnen konnten. Er ist ein DJ, der meinen musikalischen Werdegang definitiv mit beeinflusste! Seine Sets, die wir auf Kassette (bei uns hieß es Tape) hatten, liefen bei uns hoch und runter, ob in der Schule, zu Hause oder später auch im Auto. Die Zeiten waren legendär, in den man vor dem Radio saß und live Übertragungen von Partys mitgeschnitten hat. Und er war ein Teil von genau dieser Zeit!
Um so mehr freuen wir uns auch, dass er positiv auf unsere Anfrage geantwortet hat. Wir danken dir DJ JAUCHE … und euch wünschen wir viel Spaß bei seinem Montagsgruss Mix!

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Get Physical Radio – September 2023 (mixed by Rockin Moroccin)

September’s Get Physical radio show sees London based artist Rockin Moroccin take to the airwaves with a brand new mix of GP essentials. Nabz, the man behind the Rockin Moroccin moniker has been responsible for some killer singles recently, including his version of ‘You Got the Love’ which received BBC Radio 1 support. Here, he shows his skills as DJ and selector as he picks a series of gems from the label. Tracks from Birds of Mind, Monkey Safari and Ryan Murgatroyd rub shoulders with remixes from SIS, Armonica and Verlk. Add in the aforementioned Rockin Morrocin single, a double bill from label co-founder M.A.N.D.Y & Booka Shade and a collaborative winner from West & Hill, Soulroots and Soul Star and you have a mix to bring some real melody to your September days.


01 Birds of Mind – Just Let Go
02 West & Hill, Soulroots, Soul Star – The World Goes Round
03 M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade feat. Laurie Anderson – O Superman (SIS Remix)
04 Monkey Safari – Palomar
05 Birds of Mind – Mi Pena
06 PAUZA, Arema Arega – Caliente (Monkey Safari Remix)
07 M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade – Body Language (Remaster)
08 Ryan Murgatroyd – iKalimba (Armoinca Remix)
09 Rockin Moroccin – You Got The Love
10 Los Abuelos De La Nada – Himno De Mi Corazón (Verlk Remix)

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Audiojack @ Kater Blau, Berlin, [15.11.19]

Kater Blau is one of our favourite places, maybe the club we’ve played most in the last decade. We love playing longer sets – 2 hours never seems quite enough in any good club but even 4 hours in Kater seems to go in the blink of an eye. There’s a timelessness to it, a dancefloor unity, a liberation from mobile phones and the outside world. We feel a freedom to play whatever we like, which is the best feeling really as a DJ…

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DJ-Set: Echonomist – Studio Mix (microcastle podcast 013)

The thirteenth edition of the microcastle podcast welcomes Petros Manganaris aka Echonomist. Drawing early inspiration from Maurizio, Carl Craig, Black Dog and Echocord, the Greek artist found a unique sonic space, eventually leading to releases on Aeon, Connaisseur Recordings, Moodmusic, Rotary Cocktail and Upon You. Now driven by his boundless creativity, Petros continues to evolve, tweaking his edgy and raw yet musical, timeless sound.

A friend of the label for some time, Echonomist now crafts the thirteenth edition of the podcast with an exclusive studio mix. In a journey spread across sixty magical minutes, Petros showcases his impeccable taste and superb programming skills, intertwining deep, techno and afro sensibilities. It’s an uncanny scope and one which gets wrapped up in an unforgettable cosmic storyboard. Enjoy.


Bookings worldwide:
North / South America bookings:

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Someone Else – Heady Homemade DJ Mix

1. Kisk – Friends – Apparel Music
2. Terry Lee Brown Junior – Ticker – Refine
3. London FM – Zodiac – Nordik Net Records
4. Les & Zoran Zilijc – Gliese 581 C – Tannhauser Recordings
5. Doubtingthomas – Copa Ka Bang Ah (feat. Valtentina CX) – Hummingbird
6. Andrei D – Mora – Capodopere
7. Bruno Limma – Ehud – Wavetech Music
8. Cesar Martinez & A.Lamet – Aljarafe (Sonartek & Andrea Landi Remix) – Andante Music
9. Felipe Venegas & Demian Muller – Red Gat (Digitaline Remix) – Sincopat
10. Smutty and Funky – Get Down Tonight (Argenis Brito Remix) – High Definition Records
11. Marvin Zeyss – I Don’t Know – Highway Records
12. Martin Waslewski – Igelit Shoes – Sunset Handjob
13. Ben Teufel – Goooooo – Natural Rhythm
14. Santos – Cable – Dissonant
15. Dan Noel & Yanee – Every Day – Kosmophono
16. Alex Under – Gravitacion Con Vistas – Trapez
17. Jesus Soblechero – The Place – Consumed Music
18. Faulhaber – Harlem (Lifer Remix) – Natural Beat Recordings
19. Clark Davis – Cindy & Jack – Connect Four
20. Mohasky – Lucille Is Always Right – Klientele
21. Salva Stigler – Little Helper 140-5 – Little Helpers
22. Third Child – Cityrolla (Mariin Rework) – Moral Fiber
23. Butane & Someone Else – Little Helper 100-2 – Little Helpers
24. Canson – Kuma – URSL
25. Damien K. Sahri – Scolding Red – Leone Music
26. Plusculaar – Stai Jos – Enough! Music
27. Nicolas Duvoisin & Someone Else – Good Boy (Daze Maxim Remix) – Fantastic Friends Recordings
28. Mod2 & Nino – Tribal Act – Krad Records
29. Salva Stigler – Sea Season – Wavetech Music
30. Andreas Bergmann – The Dark – Leone Music
31. Pierluigi Abbonizio & Matteo Caporale – Colorful Shades (Rush Arp Remix) – Leone Music
32. Lee Jones – A Perfect Kick – Watergate Records
33. Josh Tree – Dampfmaschinen – Uhu Music
34. Siliccon Grovees – Hyped Up (feat. Direkt) – Eat More Beef
35. Betagamma – Ritual In The Woods – Minim.all
36. Joaco Cabrin & Gorbani – Mactar (Christian Farias Remix) – Wavetech Limited
37. Ko Tune – Mahina – B.Soul Music
38. Koerber – Abstraktion – Lebensfreude Records
39. Reclame – Nutan – Kosmophono
40. Furz – S08 – Loob Label
41. Nicolas Deca – Voda La Loboda – Wavetech Limited
42. Lycoriscoris & Benjamin Fehr – How Many Are They? – Lebensfreude Records
43. Mod2 & 303Box – Tête-À-Tête – Archipel
44. Moritz Guhling – Far – Kunsthandwerk
45. Seb Wildblood – Warm – Church
46. Mi – Unkowing – Listen React
47. Schez – Basinski ( & Oscar Rocha Dub) – Igloo-Rec
48. F.eht – Dubson – Lower Upper
49. Matt Karmil – I Freeze – Yume Records
50. Furz – Too Late To My Night – Krad Records
51. Someone Else – Little Helper 135-1 – Little Helpers

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