Picked Sound: Tadoh @ Fusion Festival 2019

Recording of my Fusion set, played at the Kinderspace on Thursday between 15-17.

I had feared that some technical problems had corrupted the recording, but luckily it turns out that the crackling was only in the speakers and not on the recording itself. Phew!
If you were there: thanks for being there. If you were not: hope you’ll enjoy this.

Thanks to the Kinderspace and the Solar Soundsystem crews for inviting me again, to everyone who made yet another Fusion so special and unforgettable, and to the artists who trusted me with some of their unreleased materials for this.

<3 Nicola

Download for free on The Artist Union

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Picked Sound: Theta Kavka @Fusion 2019 Palapa Bar

Manchmal denkt man an nichts besonderes und plötzlich kommt ein Fusion Gig um die Ecke. Wer hätte das gedacht? Schon so “irgendwie”, bin ich dazu gekommen, Lampen für die Palapa Stage mit dem Wanderzirkus zu bauen und plötzlich stehe ich in der ersten Fusion Nacht im DJ Booth der Palapa Stage, dreh die Knöpchen und ärgere den Tontechniker. Da ich jedoch zum Arbeiten bereits ein paar Wochen auf dem Festivalgelände und viele Stunden wach war, müsst ihr mir verzeihen, dass ich einen Track gleich zwei mal gespielt habe. 🙈😘

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Ron Flatter – Nofalia

Ron Flatter
Ron Flatter

New Ron Flatter on Katermukke comes with that crystal clear for-to-floor sound which have been developed as some kind of signature tune by the Berlin label. Ron himself is back after we haven’t heard of him releasing any sounds for a lone time. Much appreciated to let the fresh tune drop into our ears.

Also check out the Remix done by Matchi & Bott

From Halle with Love

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Deetron – DoubleSix Takes Vol. 1

Deetron - DoubleSix Takes Vol. 1
Deetron – DoubleSix Takes Vol. 1

Swiss purveyor, Sam Geiser aka Deetron, delivers his first double pack EP on his label Character: ‘DoubleSix Takes Vol.1’. The 5-tracker across two slabs of vinyl is the producer’s round-up take on house music as it stands today, from the hands and ears of a well-medalled and highly fielded DJ.

Having carved a long-standing reputation in both the techno and house worlds, Deetron exposes another slice of his soul here. Utilising soul, funk and hip-hop production techniques, the tracks are built on sampled material, much in the vein of his earlier and heavily charted tracks ‘Orange’, ‘Sing’ and ‘Silence’. Derived from recordings and other noises, voices and sound sources, the samples are then craftily manipulated, processed and layered to piece different parts – bass, percussion and so on into one original sonic universe.

The opener, ‘I Got To Have You’ features a loopy vocal sample that builds towards a delicious moment of disco in the breakdown – a throwback for the dancefloor – but not too long – what a tease! ‘Take Me Higher’ takes things up a notch, contrasting a clean bass signal with a distorted lead while an infectious female vocal lifts up the curve. Wrapping up the first package is ‘The Grand Cruiser’: its sluggy almost sleazy, low-end and sideways groove over a steady beat makes it an off-kilter and memorable character indeed.

‘Supper in Casa Blanca’ immediately paints an exotic scene with shakers and a tinkling can dancing to a chance encounter with expressive synth work and a beating heart. Signing the EP off is ‘Blues’, a hyper-smooth, jazzy galaxy ride filled with vintage suave – Don’t let nobody take the blues away!

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Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski – Reilstreet

Frozen, isolated from the outer world. The only source of food from the old world was an old rusty transporter owned by a vietnamese guy from a restaurant called “The Golden Turtle”, parked in a frosty backyard.
From time to time some Silverheight Gray Seals came by on which Ole and Martin could warm themselves up a little bit. But the times were hard.
In a special moment after inhaling some expanding foam came the idea to just follow the Gray Seals through the door which was open the whole goddamn time.
3 years were gone, the freedom so near, but their brains were frozen.
But all in all this had one good thing…
In the shimmering light of their playstation 1, while playing some tekken, sitting at their tiletable, between tubing tobacco and coffee whitener, they had this awesome idea for an homage for that long time and that special street they were living on for so long, the Reilstreet!

Label: Exploited Ghetto
Artist: Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski
Release: Reilstreet
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP21
Publisher: Exploited Ghetto Music Publishing

Beatport Release: 24.04.17
I-Tunes Release: 08.05.17

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Rampa – Necessity – Secret Weapons Part 8

Release Date:
September 23rd 2016

on the upcoming sampler: Various Artists – Secret Weapons EP Part 8

A1 Yotam Avni – Tikkun
A2 Ingrid Lukas – We Are
(Manuel Tur Remix 3)

B1 Rampa – Necessity

C1 Fred und Luna – Im Klanggarten
(Prins Thomas Remix)
C2 Mosca – In This Life Or The Next

D1 Alex.Do – Drenched

E1 Eagles & Butterflies – X
E2 Davis Feat. Cameo Culture – Blind

F1 Denis Horvat – Momak

G1 Quarion – Monolith
G2 Dino Lenny – A Certain Distance
(Dixon Retouch)

H1 Culoe De Song – Judgement Day
H2 Francesco Chiocci – Nightmares

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Karin Park & Pandora Drive – Hurricane

Die Schweden wieder. Karin Park, die schwedische Eva Padberg, macht jetzt neben ihrer Model-, Schauspieler-, Künsterl- und Vermutlich auch Weltretterkarriere auch noch Deephouse. Regelmäßigen Lesern dürfte dämmern, dass es nicht zwangsläufig unser Sound ist. Aber die Remixe von Booka Shade, Maya Jane Coles und Barber habens dann doch in sich. Stark verdichtet geht die eigentlich Pop-Nummer locker als Dancefloorrolle durch. Grammy Gewinner hin oder her, der Sound ist sex pur. Da macht das dünne Stimmchen auch nix, einfach laut drehen und Augen zu. Und wem das zuw enig ist, der kann Karin Park beim diesjährigen Eurovision Song Contest für Norwegen antreten sehen. Soviel Ausverkauf war noch nie bei uns.

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Seth Schwarz – Pink Parrot (Casimir von Oettingen Remix)

Deephouse is ja House, der deep ist. Klingt erstmal banal.
Aber das so begriffen zu haben, wie der ExilHallenser Casimir, zeitigt derbe Tracks, wie wir bemerken müssen. Wer zuerst uffta uffta von der Stange antizipiert, wird seine Erwartungshaltungen spätestens ab 1:10 überarbeiten müssen und kennt außerdem wahrscheinlich weder Seth Schwarz, noch den jungen, alten Adel zu gut. Unsere Nadel vibriert. Wenn dann ab 3:25 abgeklezmert wird und der Bass uns diese Perle in die Kniekehlen fährt, geht endgültig einer ab.
Wir prophezeien schwere Drehmomente auf den kommenden Festivals und unermesslichen Ruhm. Oder wie man bei uns sagt – Wohrhaft gelungen, Meiner!

Das Ding kommt bei Acker raus und wird von euch auf Vinyl bestellt. Damit das klar ist.

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