Suol – Dappat Se Gat

After the success of his „Precious“ Remix EP last autumn, Till Von Sein is back with some new originals on his „Blacker Than Ever“ EP and we are very excited about his return.
The first of three fresh pieces of music is “U N U” and it’s definitely one for the summer. Percussions with the energy of a street carnival, sunny guitars and a filtered vocal all dance around chirping synths and a stomping kick. Smiles all the way.
As night falls on the carnival, it’s time for some serious grooving. And “Itiswhatitis” is just what is needed. Drum machines and synths reign supreme when it comes to dancing in the dark. The bassline takes the lead, a short snare cuts through floating pads as the ghost of a rave melody creeps up on you, raising tension before the kick drum releases it.
Arriving at “Dappat Se Gat”, sunrise is welcomed with dreamy Rhodes chords, soaring strings and an electric bass as warm as those first rays on your skin. Scattered jazzy licks weave in and out of a groove that keeps you on your toes with a beat packing a punch, which is light yet precise.

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Artenvielfalt – Do Your Thang

Every single A&R of every shitty little label that is out there would tell their artists to pick a name that sticks. So how did Artenvielfalt happen? Take a deep breath and try to pronounce it: Artenvielfalt. Not sticky at all, but No Brainer loves them all as long as we love their music. Time to listen to ‘Do Your Thang‘ and ‘I’ll Be Good’. And on top of that the meaning of the German word Artenvielfalt takes a strong stance for diversity and acceptance of all different forms of existence. We can find that in their music, too having Ghostea (Dirty Bird) on the remix duties and delivering a reduced almost tech house ‘Dub Your Thang‘ themselves.

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Tigerskin & Grambow – Looking For Mushrooms EP

Our Favorite: Red Fox – such a smoother!

Track list:
A1 – Looking for Mushrooms ft. Das Eb
A2 – Tsukiji
B1 – Octocat
B2 – Red Fox

Release Info:

Our latest “Looking for Mushrooms” EP comes to us from a collaboration between long time Dirt Crew resident Tigerskin and gifted jazz pianist and composer Grambow. We first heard from Grambow when his fluid key stylings featured on Tigerskin’s “Faint” in 2015.

The title track is a suspenseful and moody journey, lead by live double bass from feature artist “Das Eb”. Building in intensity with Tigerskin’s warm production and steady percussive instrumentation until Grambow’s live lead on a gritty synth growls in over the top. A true modern electronic classic as far as we are concernred.

“Tsukiji” is a playful deep house groover. Balmy tuned percussion and shaken highs roll along under the light hearted piano which cruises along throughout the whole tropically touched endeavour. This track has “Party” written all over it!

“Octocat” is a tougher italo disco tainted work out, tightly programmed live and analogue percussive elements push along, while wailing keys lick over a tenacious grunting bass. You can really taste and feel the long studio sessions the guys had to compose this great track. It is so much more than generic dance music.

“Red Fox” is a divine culmination of the pair’s compositional prowess and dance music knowhow. A cinematic and spirited house track that glides and glistens via delicate piano, plucky percussive riffs, bright strings and woodwinds.

Released by:
Dirt Crew Recordings
Release date:
27 June 2016

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Andreas Henneberg – Rounick

killer track
Download Full Compilation:

This is what Desert Hearts Records has to say:

We’re extremely excited to release our very first Desert Hearts Records Family & Friends compilation. Alongside some of our favorite international DH veterans like Andreas Henneberg and Latmun, the compilation really highlights some of our best producer friends who’ve been the backbone of the Desert Hearts movement since the very beginning. These guys have been putting in work for years and this is their moment to shine. We’re so proud of every single artist on this comp and can’t wait for the world to hear what they can do. From slamming Tech House & Techno to spiritually influenced Deep House, these 12 tracks have it all. Every single song on here was made to crush the floor. We know it’s just a matter of time before you fall in love with our wonderful family & friends.

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noraj cue – the end of the beginning (britta unders now remix)

The latest release on Manual Music finds the label showcasing new remixes from Noraj Cue’s ‘Kobalt’ LP. This is Britta Arnold & my remix for his beautiful openening track called The End of The Beginning with our own twist.

supported by : Gabriel Ananda, Tim Engelhardt, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Eelke Kleijn, Hernan Cattaneo, D-Nox, Djuma Soundsystem, Olivier Schories, Nick Warren, Robert Babicz, Audio Junkies, Marc Poppcke, , Michel de Hey and more 🙂

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Sea Live At Blue Beach, Romania 09.07.2016

For more info, please visit:


Hi, here is the recording of my Saturday afternoon set. The beach, the waves, the sea breeze, the people, the sunset. Nothing but love and pure energy. There’s no place where I feel more in my element than at the seaside. It’s the perfect surrounding where I let my creativity run free. Samples slicing, vocal edits, groovy and housey vibes. This set reflects a lot of me.
Hope you all enjoy this emotional journey <3

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Hyenah – The Wish EP

Shuffle shuffle bis zum geht-nicht-mehr. Hier geht aber alles. Hyenah ist einer, der ganz tief in seiner Samplekiste kramt und die gefundenen Soundschnipsel durch Allerherrenfilter durchjagt, nur um danach Versatzstück an Versatzstück aufzureihen und dann surrt das fröhlich wie beim Dominoday. Spannungsbögen kommen hier ganz ohne White-Noise aus und Drops werden mit Understatement reingeschoben. Man das wir das erleben dürfen. Aber wo kommt die Hyäne denn nun her? Afrika, Johannesburg? Oder doch wieder nur Berlin. Der Track ´The Wish’ ist jedenfalls eine Wucht. Da kommt maximal der erste Remix von Manoo noch ran, aber im Grunde macht er nichts Anderes, außer den Shuffle-Sound des Originals zu imitieren. Nice try aber heute beißt die Hyenah als erstes zu.

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Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants

Nach Gotham und Requiem legt Ten Walls nach. Diese Ankündigung alleine reicht ja schon. Niemand hat in den letzten 12 Monaten mehr Druck in den Deep House Kessel gedrückt als Ten Walls. Mit ‘Walking With Elephants’ schlägt die Nadel unseres Druckmessergeräts wieder gefährlich in den roten Bereich. Wir geben uns mal locker und prophezeien der Nummer lediglich Mainstage-Goldstatus. Ok, sie erinnert ein wenig sehr an die beiden Vorgänger, aber man soll ja das Eisen schmieden so lange es noch heiß ist. Und spätestens beim Drop sind alle Köpfe wieder auf Null und der Kessel kurz vorm zerbersten.

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Hugo Slime – More Elevated Thing (Video Edit)

Wir alle suchen dieses Ding, nicht wahr. Nicht der übliche Scheiß. Nicht die herkömmliche Party, nicht das herkömmliche Leben und schon gar nicht die herkömmliche Mucke. Das dürfen die anderen machen, nicht wahr. Aber wir doch nicht. Wo denken sie hin.
Einfach mal ein bißchen mehr das befahrstuhlte Ding nach ganz oben. Das wärs.
Naja, schauen wir mal. Noch ist der Sommer nicht vorbei. Irgendwo hier muss das ja stecken.

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