DJ-Set: Echonomist – Studio Mix (microcastle podcast 013)

The thirteenth edition of the microcastle podcast welcomes Petros Manganaris aka Echonomist. Drawing early inspiration from Maurizio, Carl Craig, Black Dog and Echocord, the Greek artist found a unique sonic space, eventually leading to releases on Aeon, Connaisseur Recordings, Moodmusic, Rotary Cocktail and Upon You. Now driven by his boundless creativity, Petros continues to evolve, tweaking his edgy and raw yet musical, timeless sound.

A friend of the label for some time, Echonomist now crafts the thirteenth edition of the podcast with an exclusive studio mix. In a journey spread across sixty magical minutes, Petros showcases his impeccable taste and superb programming skills, intertwining deep, techno and afro sensibilities. It’s an uncanny scope and one which gets wrapped up in an unforgettable cosmic storyboard. Enjoy.


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DJ-Set: Reboot – Get Physical Radio #288

New Get Physical Radioshow comes with a guestmix from Reboot.
His album aLIVE was just released as a Vinyl Double LP: GetPhysical

1. Jaymo & Andy George – 1968 (IDAMOS Remix)
2. Reboot – Are you loosing my mind (Ricardo Villalobos Hauswiedermischung)
3. Premiesku – Point View
4. David Paglia – Gran Dyoor
5. Off The Meds – Geraas feat Kamohelo (Art Alfie Remix)
6. Sidney Charles – Der Haus
7. Nick Curly – Amnezia
8. Basti Grub – Dobatee (Instrumental Mix)
9. James Curd – Disco Fool (Reboot Edit)

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DJ-Set: Phonique – Electronic Groove #628

Powerful DJ-Set by Berlin based Phonique. This guy is Berlin Techno.

For more Info check: Electronic Groove

1. Sepalot – Hard Rain feat. Angela Aux (DJ Hell Remix)
2. Claptone – Puppet Theatre (Superlover Remix)
3. Dirty Doering – Emma Wong
4. Kant – Syne
5. Phonique – Something Special feat. Ian Whitelaw (Phonique Club Remix)
6. Sam Shure – Tabil
7. Ron Flatter – Bohannan
8. Butch, C.Vogt – Bliss
9. Time (FR) – Not Alone
10. Junge Junge – Beautiful Girl feat. Kyle Pearce (Tim Green Remix)
11. Phonique – Something To Remember (Time (FR) Remix)

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Rodriguez Jr. – Baobab (Full Album Teaser)

Pre-Order “Baobab” here: Mobilee Records

Rodriguez Jr. returns to Mobilee with his evocative album Baobab. Resident Advisor named the French artist in their Best Live Acts of 2016, and in between his famed live shows, he has created a ten track masterpiece that elicits powerful emotions through music.

“Baobab is about roots. It has mainly been written whilst travelling and I needed to re-connect to my roots: the music I used to listen to as a teenager from South Of France, my first parties, this fantastic sense of freshness, enthusiasm and innocence. This is why I decided to call it Baobab: a big tree proud to grow up in a lush surrounding, with it’s roots deep in the floor”.

Rodriguez Jr. understands the importance of empty spaces. The purposeful silences in-between each track enable reflection on what you have just heard. Skillfully using sounds and effects, he creates a masterclass in emotive music.
Collaborating with Liset Alea, the singer and composer from Nouvelle Vague, whose vocals shine through on three of the tracks of Baobab as well as Rodriguez Jr’s own vocals on Heal Me, a track touching on the complexities of being human. Speaking about his collaboration with Liset, Olivier says, “the singer is a key part of this album as her voice is a link between different phases. The interaction in the studio has been extremely spontaneous and emotional”.
An Evidence Of Time opens the album with a heartbeat and steps into the intricacies of Olivier’s mind. “Wake me, shake me, in the middle of the night, surprise me out of a dream” Liset Alea sings with a vulnerability on Waste Tomorrow, a track that is like an awakening, ending as abruptly as it begins. Liset returns in Take A Walk, it’s prolonged introduction heavy in mood and punctured with piano keys.
Radian floats away with a range of cosmic sounds brimming with atmosphere and the enchanting Monticello ramps up the intensity. Liset makes her final appearance in The Heart Is A Woman, bringing richness and depth before the album concludes with the elaborate Ellipsism, and the anthemic Tomorrow Never Comes.


01. An Evidence Of Time
02. Heal Me
03. Baobab
04. Waste Tomorrow feat. Liset Alea
05. Take A Walk feat. Liset Alea
06. Radian
07. Monticello
08. The Heart Is A Woman feat. Liset Alea
09. Ellipsism
10. Tomorrow Never Comes

Release Date: 02 June 2017

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DJ-Set: Tober&Tober presents Afterhour Sounds Podcast Nr.102

what they say:

“Tober & Tober ( Alle Tanzen // Hannover ) presents Afterhour Sounds Podcast Nr.102

Blut ist bekanntlich dicker als Wasser und Familie ist ein Bund fürs Leben. Dass dies nicht nur leere Phrasen sind leben und lieben Simon und Marvin so leidenschaftlich vor wie es nur sein kann. So verwundert es auch nicht, dass das gemeinschaftliche Erlebnis für die beiden einen hohen Stellenwert besitzt.

Seit nun etwas mehr als 5 Jahren stehen die beiden gebürtigen Hildesheimer Jungs Seite an Seite – sowohl vor als auch hinter den Decks und frönen ihrer gemeinsamen Liebe – die elektronische Musik. Etwa zur gleichen Zeit riefen sie auch ihre eigene Partyreihe namens ‘Alle Tanzen’ ins Leben, welche sich in den zurückliegenden Jahren zu einer absoluten Erfolgsgeschichte entwickelt hat. Gemeinsam mit ihren Freunden von Nackt auf Tahiti und Into the Woods Germany haben sie in der Kulturfabrik Löseke Hildesheim ein Zuhause gefunden, welches sie seither unzählige Male mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail verzaubert und so zu einer absoluten Top-Adresse in Mitteldeutschlands Clubkultur gemacht haben.

Als DJ; Produzenten brennen Simon und Marvin ebenso leidenschaftlich für ihre Sache und so verwundert es auch nicht dass auch ihr musikalisches Schaffen von einer unbändigen Qualität geprägt ist. Dabei ergänzen sich die Jungs wirklich wie Yin und Yang und das hört und fühlt man bei ihrem Sound auf ganz besondere Weise. Ihr Podcast für unsere Reihe macht da keine Ausnahme – ein Set mit dem Prädikat ‘Weltklasse’ und nein da übertreiben wir ganz sicher nicht, aber davon könnt ihr euch gern selbst überzeugen. ”

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Fabio Montana – Ortygia (Love Over Entropy Repatterning)

forthcoming as part of the ‘Ortygia’ EP

Partial PR: Now, for the label’s final release of 2016, microCastle welcomes Fabio Vanore-Landsberg aka Fabio Montana to showcase his creative talents. The Italian-born, Germany based artist is highly regarded for his distinctive style and musical depth. Releases on Einmusika, Click Records and his own Incroyable imprint have been praised by his contemporaries with Maceo Plex, Joris Voorn and Hot Since 82 all playlisting his music.

microCastle’s masterstroke has been to engage Love over Entropy to repattern ‘Ortygia’. Motivated by the ideology of early Detroit pioneers and experimental IDM, his musical creations are renowned for being hypnotic and atmospheric, with a tender touch, juxtaposing an obsessive attention to detail with space, chaos and chance. As a result the Dutch artist has found a home on taste-maker labels such as Something Happening Somewhere, Lossless and Atomnation. Here he builds a deeply brooding, melodic, percussive masterpiece, and the resultant tension is palpable as his re-imagining of ‘Ortygia’ sparks with eruptive bursts of fizzing energy. A stunning remix on every level, and it is no wonder that he is beloved by such heavyweights as Dixon, Mano Le Tough, Âme and Laurent Garnier.

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Free Slice – Boban the Spy

He was slick and he was sophisticated. Weaving his way through lazers and sliding beneath closing steel walls, all he ever wanted was to play his majestic flugelhorn that the music industry stole from him and kept hidden away in a labyrinth of the coast of the Black Sea. Victorious he reigned, snatching the horn from its easily decoded encasing and ascending through the roof while attached to a perfectly timed rescue helicopter. Only one man would go to such great lengths to play this melody – and that man was Boban.

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