Picked Sound: OPEN PORT CLUB Mix Series – The Mole

This is the 3rd mix of OPEN PORT CLUB monthly mix series featuring an artist seleced from each continent.
It is featuring The Mole which is the project by canadian producer Colin de la Plante currently based in Berlin. Hope you enjoy!

各大陸ごとにアーティストをピックアップするOPEN PORT CLUBマンスリーミックスシリーズの3作目です。
今回はカナダ出身、現在はベルリンに拠点を置くプロデューサーColin de la PlanteによるプロジェクトThe Moleによるミックスです。お楽しみください。

Read the full interview : http://bit.ly/2XPIK3f
The Mole Soundcloud : http://bit.ly/2qVaCCz

Q1. How and where was the mix recorded? Could you tell us about the idea behind the mix?
it was recorded at home during the first spring thunder storm. lots of rain and lighting. very beautiful.
my daughter was sleeping for the first half, then she woke up and danced around with her mom. we dance a lot at home.
mixing at home is mixing for my ladies, which often means love song.

Q1. 今回のミックスはどこでどのように収録しましたか?今回のミックスを作りあげる上でのアイデアがあれば教えてください

Read more : http://bit.ly/2XPIK3f

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PREMIERE – T.M.A – Bukka White (Tony Casanova Remix)

jeeeez let the sun shine in your heart with that beauty.

8dayFb> http://ift.tt/1MgxEH0
8day Collective> @8day-montreal

Release date: 15.08.2016.

As beautiful hot days of summer continues and Submarine Vibes has yet another perfect release lined up.
This time, it’s German trio T.M.A with their EP called Bozeman.
Talented Berliners, T.M.A. crafted three original mixes and they all are full of beautiful melodies, perfectly blended soft atmospheric sounds and charming summer grooves.
Bozeman is a stunning track with classic catchy bassline wonderfully mixed with positive summery synths and pads. Second track is called Beale Street and it’s a majestic pure deep house piece with an addictively good drive. Last original piece is Bukka White and it’s a beautiful track with catchy and charming piano riffs.

The first remix is done by BroFi, also two brothers who presenting their new fresh alias with this remix. One of the project members is also part of well-known duo Hanne & Lore. They’ve done a remix of Beale Street, more stripped down version yet full of exciting sounds and voices.

The second remix comes fromBerlin-based Tony Casanova. Bukka White is the track he remixed and it’s safe to say that Tony delivers his stunning and groovy interpretation of the track.

Whether it’s a beach or boat parties, sunny terrace gatherings or even dance floors of the night club Bozeman EP is simply packed with those wonderful summer vibes and pure house grooves making it perfect for almost any occasion.

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