Picked Sound: Kurup & Jaçira – live @ Fusion (Фузион 2019)

Recording of our live set at Salon de Baile stage. All written and composed by Kurup, Jaçira + collabs. Performed using ableton, push, digital instruments, live whistles, flutes, percussion and vocals.

Фузион 2019

Kurup – Maculala
Kurup – Quenacho Fuji (upcoming EP at @leveldva-music)
Kurup – Fête au Benin (upcoming EP at @leveldva-music)
Kurup – Verba Volant
Kurup – Lusco Fusco
Kurup & Jaçira – Noturno Girassol
Sven Kacirek – Lamu Samail (Kurup reseasoning)
Kurup – 272 Steps (upcoming EP at @leveldva-music)
Mikadokoko – Fobidden Colors (Jaçira Remix)
Kurup – Plastic Bromeliads
Kurup – Barro
Jaçira & Kurup – Tonadas de Ordeño
Kurup, Spaniol, Salvador – Gato de Beco
Kurup – Aluá
Duo Alvenaria & Kurup – Tempestade (upcoming EP at @leveldva-music)

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Picked Sound: Tadoh @ Fusion Festival 2019

Recording of my Fusion set, played at the Kinderspace on Thursday between 15-17.

I had feared that some technical problems had corrupted the recording, but luckily it turns out that the crackling was only in the speakers and not on the recording itself. Phew!
If you were there: thanks for being there. If you were not: hope you’ll enjoy this.

Thanks to the Kinderspace and the Solar Soundsystem crews for inviting me again, to everyone who made yet another Fusion so special and unforgettable, and to the artists who trusted me with some of their unreleased materials for this.

<3 Nicola

Download for free on The Artist Union

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Picked Sound: Fusion 2019 @Roter Platz

Auf Bass folgt Sonne. Auf Bass folgt Licht. Auf Bass folgt Sphäre. Auf Bass folgt Euphorie.
Wir bedanken uns für diese einzigartige Gelegenheit, ein verspultes, unausgeschlafenes, aber enorm glückliches Set auf dem Fusion Festival 2019 am Roten Platz spielen zu dürfen. Es war uns ein Fest!
Bass precedes sun. Bass precedes light. Bass precedes sphere. Bass precedes euphoria.
We say thanks for the unique opportunity of having been able to play a sleep-deprived, out-of-it, but extremely euphoric set at Roter Platz Fusion festival 2019.

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