Zauberakustik – Reconstruction (Original Mix)


01 Zauberakustik – Digital Tribe (Original Mix)
02 Zauberakustik – Digital Tribe (Heinrich & Heine Remix)
03 Zauberakustik – Reconstruction (Original Mix)

Soundcloud: @zauberakustik

An old acquaintance returns on Amber Blue Recordings and impressively shows how he always takes the next step and always reinvents and develops himself in terms of sound and production. We are talking about Zauberakustik.

By now a permanent part of the label group and this time with a 2-track EP that can be classified somewhere between groovy, melodic, demanding and driving and will surely appeal to many DJs and also dancers & listeners due to its versatility.

Appropriately, label boss Heinrich & Heine have contributed a remix for “Digital Tribe”, which is unusual, almost technoid, and puts the whole thing into a somewhat faster and more monotonous guise.

All in all, a great release with 3 productions that are unusual for both acts, but impressively show that there is much more to both than just the usual sound. That’s why it’s even more fun to say: welcome back Zauberakustik & Heinrich & Heine.

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